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   Name: Gia 3070
Age:  10 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Spayed/Female
Size:  Tweenie – 16 lbs.

Gia came onto rescue in October 2013 at 9 years old, because her owner, at 94 years, fell and broke her hip, leaving no one to care for her.  When a kindly gentleman was approached in a parking lot by two other elderly ladies who had Gia with them, they said they had to “get rid of her” by the days end or she would go to a shelter.  He gladly took the little scared Gia home with him and contacted SCDR, and of course we were touched by his kindness and Gias’ sweet little face.

Gia was adopted in November 2013 by another senior lady (84 yrs), and 8 months later, she also fell and broke her hip, and can no longer care for herself or poor Gia.  So now Gia is back with our rescue looking for yet another loving home.

Gia is so easy going, quiet, gentle and loving.  She will sit quietly in a corner of the kitchen, watching and observing the activities in her foster home.  She will sneak under your chair or outside to enjoy the sun’s rays. 

Gia really gets excited when she sees her leash, and she enjoys a fast-paced walk.  She also enjoys a car ride.  She loves to cuddle with you, and is not shy about giving tiny little butterfly kisses.  She does not pester you to pick her up, but if you do, and sit on the couch together, she will not leave until you put her down again.  

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