Adoptable dachshunds fostered in Northern California

We have many dachshunds fostered in Northern California. If you live in Southern California, you can still adopt them! Please inquire and we might be able work with you to transfer them down to where you live, or you can pick them up. Please contact us for more info.

All of these dogs are being fostered in the San Francisco/Fresno areas of Northern California.

Name: Woofie  3233
Age: 5 years
Color: Red Sable
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie/ 18 lbs.

This doxie is currently located in Fresno.
Transport might be possible depending on your location.

Woofie, previously known as Woody, is one very lucky boy.  Woofie ended up as a “stray” in a Central California shelter in early March 2014.  We know the people who took him to the shelter saying he was a “stray” were not being honest.  How do we know this?  Woofie was paralyzed in the back end, yet he had no wounds on his back legs from dragging them.  The “finders” said he just appeared on their front porch.  Woofie’s chances of leaving the shelter alive were very bleak.  There was no other rescue that would have stepped up for him, so our Central California representative put a call to Stephania, a wonderful lady who had previous experience rehabbing a downed dachshund to see if she would be willing again.  The answer was a resounding “YES” she would foster Woofie, but only as his rehab-foster to get him up and walking.  Our Central California Rep headed straight over to the shelter to get Woofie on what would have been his last day.

We have no idea how long Woofie had been down, but between Stephania’s dedication of daily physical therapy and a local veterinarian who has been doing acupuncture on Woofie for the last 5 months, Woofie is now up and walking.  Renee Brewer, DVM, will soon be opening her own practice in Madera, California, called Valley View Veterinary Hospital, loves and adores Woofie.

Now that Woofie is walking it is time for him to move on to a regular foster or adoptive home from his rehab-foster home.  We would like to find a home with people that will also be dedicated to this wonderfully sweet boy and would be willing to continue with some strengthening exercises.  Woofie has been continuing to build his strength every day.  He enjoys daily short walks, and is very good in the car.

Woofie needs a home that is all one level. No small children that could possibly re-injure Woofie.  He is living with 4 small female dogs, so he would probably enjoy having a female dog for companionship.  He is also living with a cat.  He gets a little excited about the cat, but does not try to harm it.  If the cat doesn’t run, he won’t chase.

Woofie is crate trained, up to date on all of his shots, microchipped.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting Woofie, please contact Janice at

The tax deductible donation to adopt Woofie is only $150.00.

Name: Gingerbread  3312
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Micro Mini – 7.4 lbs

Gingerbread was an owner-surrender.  She was supposed to be a purebred dachshund, but one look and we knew she was most likely a chiweenie.  Meanwhile, her owner had been breeding her and selling her puppies as purebred doxies (another reason not to buy puppies from backyard breeders, what you are promised is not always what you get). 
Ginger has been a delight from the moment she arrived.  She is very friendly and loves a good lap.  When her people are home, she wants to be with them.  Gingerbread arrived in rescue a stranger to walks and outings, but we believe she would love these added to her life on a regular basis.

Ginger gets along with the other dogs.  She is the only one that Rocko, a deaf and partially blind double dapple, will play with.  They run up and down the hall and have little wrestling matches.

Ginger’s coloring is super cute.  She also has one eye rimmed on the outer edge with blue.  Her looks plus her petite size attract her lots of attention.

Ginger is an easy dog that we think could assimilate into a number of homes.  Older children are fine with her.  A canine companion would be just dandy or she could be a doted on only dog.  She does need someone who will get her some exercise as she is still a young dog.
We have had Gingerbread spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  We have also crate trained her, although she would prefer to sleep in the big bed.

If you are interested in Gingerbread, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Gingerbread is $275.00

Name: Polly Poodle  3311
Age:  4 years
Color:  White
Coat:  Curly
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 9 lbs

Polly is possibly a “Doodle”, a dachshund-poodle mix.  She ended up on the rescue list of a local shelter.  The accompanying picture made it hard to tell anything about her other than that the dog was white.  She had just had a rear leg amputated for what the shelter vets think was a congenital issue.  We figured a doodle would be pretty cute, so off we went to get her.  The attendant went in the back of the shelter and brought out Polly.  One look was all it took to know that she was probably not dachshund at all.   However, having met her in person, it proved to be impossible to leave her there to a bleak fate.  So once again we have a NAD in doxie rescue (NAD = Not A Dachshund).

Polly is showing us why folks like poodles so much.  She is a very smart little girl.  Housebreaking her was a piece of cake – especially compared to a doxie.  She quickly adapted to the routine including agreeing to sleep in a crate.  She really is an easy dog.  At first she did not like being left alone.  She is fine with that now, but if her people are home, she wants to be with them.

Polly likes people, but is a little afraid of new people standing over her.  She would prefer you sit down and let her come to you.  She is more than happy to sleep at the foot of the bed or sit next to her person on the sofa.  She will bark at someone at the door, but she is extremely easy to quiet down.

Polly would far rather be with people than dogs.  She is pretty indifferent to the other dogs so far.  The doxies ignore her, but the poodle mix next door (who hates the doxies) actually likes her.  It must be a breed affinity. 

Polly was picked up as a stray having been recently shaved down to the skin (another reason it was hard to identify her as a poodle in her shelter pics).  We have no idea of what she will look like when her coat grows in.  Her skin is pink with black spots but what there is of her hair looks mostly white  while in a few  places it’s more apricot  so who knows?  And what a tail Polly has. It’s a very silly pig’s tail and is the cutest we have ever seen.  At the end it has the tightest little curl possible.   

Polly gets along well with her three legs.  She would prefer to have a home that does not have a lot of stairs as she does not like going up them (or she could be carried since she is a little thing).  She still likes to get out and about, but she does not have a high exercise need.  Polly is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccinations.  If you are interested in Polly, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Polly is just $75.00.


Name: Sandy  3198
Age: 2.5 years
Color:  Blonde with sable tips
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie - 15  lbs.

Sandy came to us as yet another stray from Modesto.  She’s a beautiful long haired girl that we think has a bit of something besides dachshund.

Sandy appears to have found her calling as a portable heater.  She loves to lie on top of or be right next to her humans.  She likes women, but seems to have a special fondness for men.  However, she really doesn’t discriminate and happily soaks up any attention she can get from any of her people.  With strangers, Sandy is friendly, but cautious.

Sandy enjoys her walks and playing with her Kong ball.  She also wants to be the undisputed “queen” and only dog in her new home.  She does not even want to have a canine brother.  She is fine meeting dogs on the street and out in public, but she just doesn’t want to share her home with them.

Sandy is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  She willingly sleeps in her crate at night.  Sandy is an easy dog.

If you are interested in Sandy and don’t have any other dogs in residence, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Sandy is $250.00.

Name:  Hogan  3288
Age:  3.5 years
Color:  Black & Tan 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Full Standard - 37 lbs.

Do you like things supersized?  Then you are going to love Hogan!  This sweet boy is a full size standard. Because folks don’t see many of them, his new owners should be prepared for him to stop traffic and attract crowds when he is out and about.

Hogan was first rescued from an abusive home.  His current owners witnessed the young boy in the home being allowed to punch him in the nose, causing it to bleed.  Not a single reprimand was given.  We can only imagine how Hogan was treated when no one was around.

His new owners quickly fell in love with Hogan and his wonderful personality.  However, Hogan has one flaw.  He is not cat-safe.  This a problem, because his owners live in the country near a common cat dumping spot.  They catch and fix all they can, but the cats and any kittens that might be born are at serious risk with Hogan.  Therefore, it is with a heavy heart they have decided to re-home Hogan. 

Hogan is great with kids and with strangers.  He seems to like everyone.  He does have a bad habit of jumping up on people and with his size and strength he could knock a small child down.  He needs an owner that can handle the strength of a bigger dog.  (Doxies are very strong and not known for being the most leash-compliant.)  Hogan is also good with other dogs.  He lives with other small dogs, and when he goes to a dog park, he never has a problem. 

Hogan is a very happy dog.  He enjoys playing with his hard rubber ball and hanging with his people. He is not much of a barker other than alerting when someone comes to the door.

Hogan is neutered and current on his vaccinations.  He sleeps in a dog bed with his blanky (the bed will go with him).

If you are interested in Hogan, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Hogan is $225.00.


Name: Baby #3197
Age: 2 years
Color:   Black
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14.5 lbs.

Late on a Saturday night, we got a call pleading to save a doxie mix that was scheduled for euthanasia in the morning.  We were more than full, but reluctantly agreed to take the dog.  We originally named this boy Slash as we figured he needed a tough rocker name to balance his sweet, shy demeanor.  However, what he has always been called in his foster home is the far more descriptive “Baby”. 

Baby is a charmer.  He loves people but is not always sure of their intentions.  When he gets scared, he will roll over on his back and offer up his belly to show how submissive he is.  Baby also likes children.

Baby is a young dog and he loves to play with all the other dogs in foster care.  He has different friends for different activities.  He loves to wrestle with one, chase the ball with another and investigate squirrels and crows with still another.  When his foster home gets overcrowded and there is a shortage of crate space, Baby is always the dog that gets crated with a buddy since he gets along so well with other dogs.

Baby would love a home as a family dog or one with another playful canine companion.  With his longer legs, a home with stairs is no problem for him.  Walks would be a most welcome part of his life.

We have had Baby neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  If you are interested in Baby, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Baby is only $75.00.

Name:  Rocky  3184
Age:  6 years
Color:  Cream Sable
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard - 19 lbs.

We have to stop taking late night Saturday calls!  This one was about a doxie in Bakersfield.  We asked repeatedly “Are you sure he is a dachshund?”  We were repeatedly told yes.  We somewhat suspiciously agree to take him.  He was whisked off into boarding the next morning to await transport.  We then got his head shot and we knew.  This was another NAD (Not a Dachshund).  However, we had committed, so he was now ours.

Rocky arrived in the Bay Area via a Pilots ‘N Paws flight.  The passengers on the plane raved about what a good dog he had been.  He sat on a young boys lap for the entire flight, cool as a cucumber.  He had no problems being immediately being handled by a stranger (his new foster mom).  On the car trip back to the house, he curled up in the front seat and rested with not a care in the world.  Even more impressive was when he met the gang – his foster siblings.  They like to swarm new dogs, but Rocky didn’t bat an eyelash at this.

Rocky has proven to be a “Zen” dog.  He is young and playful, but his inner energy is calm and soothing.  He goes with the flow and never causes trouble.   He is a cute boy with a shepherdy look to his face. 

Rocky has learned to enjoy playing with the other dogs.  He likes chase and he would love to join the wrestling, but the doxies are breedist and normally won’t let him.  He was very happy to discover cow hooves and bones to chew on and is starting to figure out toys.

We think Rocky could do well in almost any home.  Noise doesn’t seem to bother him.  He likes people. He likes other dogs.  We have not tested him with cats.  Stairs are no issue.  With his incredible demeanor, someone is going to be very lucky to get this dog.

Rocky is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  If you are interested in  Rocky, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Rocky is just $75.00.


Name: Gidget  3286 (was 3184)
Age:  5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Micro-Mini - 7.8 lbs.

SCDR regulars may remember Gidget.  She came to us from the Stanislaus shelter.  We thought we had found a wonderful home for her, but it turns out Gidget was cruelly “catfished”.  The woman who applied for her and went through the approval process was never intending to adopt Gidget.  Instead, she was pretending to adopt, so that she could give Gidget to her elderly mother.

So, poor Gidget, who loves the outside and appeared to be housebroken, was confined to inside the house.  Fortunately for Gidget, her new owner soon had a heart attack and then surgery.  As a result, Gidget’s refusal to use pee pads was unacceptable, and she was promptly returned.  This is when we learned the true story of her false adoption. 

We are going to be very, very picky with Gidget’s next adopters.  Dogs are not furniture that can easily be moved around.  Gidget was traumatized by her adoption and return and we don’t want that to happen to her ever again.

Gidget is very people friendly and loves to cuddle.  However, if she doesn’t like what you are doing or it hurts, she has no problems nipping you.  We therefore think she would do best in an adults-only home or one with older children.

Gidget is fine with the other dogs, but her main priority is trying to be with people.  Gidget wants lots of blankets in her bed.  She burrows in and she is so diminutive, you can’t tell she is in there. 

Gidget has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.  We also just gave her a complete dental.  She came back to us quite plump.  We’ve taken a little of the weight off, but her new home should be committed to keeping her at a healthy weight.

If you are interested in Gidget, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Gidget is $250.00.


Name: Rocko  3313
Age:  4 years 
Color: Black & Tan Double Dapple 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini - 12 lbs.

Rocko came to us as an owner-surrender via Facebook.  His former owner waited until the last minute to re-home his dogs, so it appears he didn’t care who took them or what happened to them.

Rocko is a double dapple and he is paying the price for some stupid backyard breeder’s breeding practices.  Double dapples are very likely to have hearing and/or vision problems, and Rocko is no exception.  He is totally deaf and we think he also has some visual limitations.

Rocko is very friendly with everyone.  However, he does appear to not have been handled a lot.  Anything other than petting and carrying him, scares him (such as rolling him over for a tummy rub).   Rocko also appears to not have had any training, as he has not even conquered the first step for deaf dogs – learning to look up at his people to see what they want him to do.

Rocko has recently struck up a flirtation with the two micro-mini females.  He enjoys romping and playing chase with them.  We think he is a ladies man and feels more confident with dogs that are smaller than him.

Rocko does not like to be away from his people.  He will cry and carry on at the dog gate to be with his foster mom.  We are working on this.  However, we have already taught him to sleep by himself in his crate in the dog room.  We are doing this to give him some self confidence.

Rocko’s ideal home would take the time to train Rocko with a few hand signals.  This would make the world less confusing for Rocko.  We think it would be great if his new home might also work with Rocko on nose work.  He gets into everything – usually just to sniff and inspect, not to eat since he is pretty food indifferent – unless it’s a tasty treat!  We think he could excel at nose work and that he would really enjoy it.

Rocko would also benefit from walks – something he has not had before.  Again, this would help with his self confidence as well as his socialization.

Rocko is vaccinated and neutered.  If you are interested in Rocko, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Rocko is $100.00.

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