Adoptable dachshunds fostered in Northern California

We have many dachshunds fostered in Northern California. If you live in Southern California, you can still adopt them! Please inquire and we might be able work with you to transfer them down to where you live, or you can pick them up. Please contact us for more info.

All of these dogs are being fostered in the San Francisco/Fresno areas of Northern California.

Name: Lily, the horrible, no good, very bad dog  3287
Color:  Red Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 13 lbs

Lily is adorable, with lovely dappling, whacky ears and short little legs.   However, she is also one feisty, opinionated, and frequently a pain-in-the-ass dachshund.     She is not for the faint of heart.

Lily came to us as an owner surrender.  We believe she was always well loved, but she clearly was not well socialized.  Lily has no interest in strangers.  She doesn’t want to even look at them.  If you try to make her say hello to someone, she is happy to try to nip you to get away.  Since most adopters like friendly dogs where they make an instant buddy, this makes it hard to get Lily adopted.  Not only that, but Lily’s new owner is going to have to understand she is probably not going to be very friendly for the first couple of weeks.   Treats and walks will win her over.

When Lily does not want to do something, she makes this very clear, including threatening to bite (she’ll put her teeth on you, but so far hasn’t applied pressure – we recommend not pushing her to test this).  If you value your fingers, you must let it be Lily’s decision to acquiesce to your requests.  She wouldn’t want anyone to think she was an obedient dog!  When she gives us attitude, we let her know what we want (to pick her up, to have her move to another room, etc.).  She then grumbles, gets up do a few circles and then she either goes where you want her to or she will crouch down in her “it’s ok to pick me up now” pose.  (Think of her as a crabby teenager being asked to do a chore.  Lots of drama and angst before doing what you want.)

Lily hates being in a very dog crowded foster home.  This “princess” is above all the riff-raff and does not feel she should have to hang out with them.   She would like no more than two or three other canine siblings in a new home. 
So why would anyone want to adopt Lily?  Well, for all her pain-in-the-butt ways, Lily is a hoot to have around and is endlessly entertaining.  She is also very loving to her people.  She is especially fond of the young man in her foster home.  Her idea of heaven is to cuddle under the covers with him.  Lily is also extremely smart and funny.  For example, Lily goes outside and positions herself by the sliding glass door so that she can see her favorite person while she is demanding something of him (usually she wants to come be on his side of the doggie gate).  She’s figured out making eye contact means she is more likely to get what she wants.

Lily is also reliably housebroken (yea!)  When she is outside, she is not barking her fool head off at squirrels like most of the gang.  She just likes to quietly work on her tan.   (Your neighbors will love her!).

If you think easy dogs like Golden Retrievers are boring and you like your dachshunds extra spicy, Lily is the one for you.

Lily is crate trained.  She just had a dental.  She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.  We know there is some dachshund-savvy person out there that is going to fall head over heels for this very naughty little dog.  If you are interested in Lily, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Lily is a modest amount to rescue.

Name:  Rouge  3381
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini - 11 lbs.

Upon the death of her backyard-breeder owner, Rouge was one of ten dogs that ended up in a small Northern California shelter.  The deceased owner seemed to have just thrown a bunch of dogs in the back yard with no medical or other care.  The puppies from this operation were all adopted, but it was not so easy for the adults.  Tiny rural shelters don’t get lots of traffic, so they reached out to dachshund rescue to see if we could help.  

Rouge is as sweet as they come.  We think she is dachshund-JRT mix (in addition to dachshunds, JRT’s were in the home).  Rouge is a very gentle dog that loves to be on a lap and cuddle.  

Because of her longer legs, stairs are not a problem for Rouge.  We think Rouge would be fine with respectful children.  Rouge gets along well with the other dogs although she is shy about joining in the rough and tumble.  She is such a soft personality dog that we think she would be fine with cats.
Rouge is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccinations.  She is also crate trained.  If you are interested in Rouge, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Rouge is only $75.00.

Name:  Charlie  3337
Age:  3.5 years
Color:  Chocolate and Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 11 lbs

Charlie’s owners brought him to a shelter to be euthanized.  They said that he had nipped at someone’s ankles.  The shelter thought he was too nice to be euthanized for behaving like a (unsocialized) dachshund and reached out to rescue.  

Charlie is doing very well in his foster home.  He gets along well with people, other dogs, and the only interest he has shown in the cats is with their food dish.  He loves playing with a ball and likes carrying it with him wherever he goes.  He also likes to steal the balls from the other dogs and hide them all in his crate.  His loves to cuddle, and nothing makes him happier than to snuggle up next to his person on the big bed or on the sofa.  He is also grudgingly getting used to sleeping in the crate.  

Charlie loves going for walks and we are working with him on his leash manners.  We suspect he was never taken out in his prior home, so he gets very excited when we go out.  Charlie would benefit from training so that he can build his confidence.

Charlie is neutered, current on vaccinations, and is microchipped.  If you are interested in Charlie, please fill out the online adoption application and email Althea at

The tax deductible donation for Charlie is $200.00.

Name: Tyler  3334
Age:  3 years
Color:   Chocolate
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Small Tweenie -13 lbs.

Tyler first came to us last year and he was subsequently adopted. Recently, he has come back into rescue because his adoptive mom's life changed. 

Tyler was terribly unsocialized when he first arrived in rescue.  He was a dog we couldn’t get near for two weeks, finally having to trap him inside using bits of chicken.  Many of our dogs have been neglected, but Tyler is one of the few that we think was actually abused.  It has left him with some permanent fear issues.   In rescue, he made huge strides in his ability to meet new people (going from barking crazily and uncontrollably to jumping in laps for cuddles!).  However, he is never going to be a dog that will be comfortable with children or in a home with lots of strangers in and out.  Tyler also needs any men in his life to give him some time to get comfortable.  (He loves women almost immediately).

Tyler will do best in a home with a firm pack leader.  He does not make good decisions if he thinks he has to be the one in charge.  “Nothing in Life is Free” training would be very good for him.  A confident canine sibling would help him be more comfortable when he is left alone.  Tyler loves to cuddle with his person and he loves to burrow under covers.

If Tyler gets fearful and worked up over something unusual/scary/new, he has a hard time stopping his barking.  However, we have figured out how to break this cycle.  He wears a remote controlled vibration collar.  When he starts working himself up, we press the vibrate button once.  He immediately shuts up and starts to observe and learn from the new situation.  (This is how he went from being Cujo with visitors to greeting them nicely with wags and kisses).  We will send him to his new home with his vibrating collar and instructions.  Tyler is a very smart dog and learns quickly once the self-stimulating cycle is broken.

Tyler is crate trained for nighttime sleeping, but he does not want to be crated when his person leaves the house in the daytime. He prefers to be confined to a portion of the house or the yard and garage, etc.

We have had Tyler neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  If you are interested in Tyler, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Tyler is only $100.00.

Name: Radar  2859
Age:  6 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Standard - 18 lbs.

Radar came to us over a year ago as a shelter stray.  He was originally great with the other dogs in his foster home.  However, over time his tolerance lessened.  We thought it was due to dog aggressiveness.  Just then, he was adopted.  In his new home he was so stressed over the initial change, he had to be on Prozac for three weeks just to make the transition.  As his new owner was gone longer and longer hours, Radar became more and more dog reactive.  He no longer could be taken to the dog park and walks in the crowded urban area were very difficult.

So after a year, Radar, the seriously dog reactive/aggressive dog has come back into rescue and an extremely crowded foster home.  You’re thinking, “A recipe for disaster?”  Nope – Radar has been fine with the other dogs and even has a harem of female dogs that adore him.  He is even sharing his nighttime crate with another dog.

In hindsight, we think Radar’s earlier behavior was separation anxiety.  During his first stay in foster care, there was not someone home very often.  Now that there is, he is having no issues.  It appears that if Radar is left alone for long periods of time and day after day, his anxiety shows up as dog reactiveness.

Radar loves toys.  Balls, Frisbee, tug of war – he likes them all.  He will fetch until he can hardly breathe (and if another dog gets to the ball first, he is ok with that).  He hangs on in tug of war and does a great airplane imitation.    And like many doxies, he loves destroying the evil squeaker found in dog toys.

Radar is one of the most expressive dogs we have ever had.  He has dozens of ear positions and he uses them to help talk just like a human would use their hands.  He will moan, groan, growl, chirp, whine and bark to get his point across (he only does this when he is talking with you – otherwise he is a pretty quiet dog). When visitors come over, he grabs a toy and entertains the company by playing the role of the class clown.  He really is one cool dude.

Radar needs a new home with someone home most of the time. A canine sister or a non-dominate canine brother would be fine with him or he could be an only dog.

Radar is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He is crate trained.  If you are interested in Radar, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Radar is any modest donation to rescue.

Name:  Susie 2921
Age:  3 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 14 lbs.

Susie is one of the best dachshunds ever.  Not only is she gorgeous, but she has the best personality.  Susie is superb with all other people and all other dogs.   When we have visitors or take the dogs out and about, the one dog we never worry about is Susie.   She is a dream.

Susie enjoys playing with other dogs and is usually instigating the romping.  She also likes squeaky toys.  And she loves, loves, loves to go for walks.  This is one happy dog.

We would have to beat adopters off with a stick, except that Susie is a special needs dog.  She came into rescue at about 6 months of age with a crush injury to her spinal nerve (like someone had stepped on her).  This left her with no control or even awareness of eliminating.  She also walked funny and had no feeling in her tail.   Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we were able to raise the money for Susie’s MRI and surgery.

The surgery was an instant success in terms of walking.  Susie is now up on her rear tippy toes rather than walking on her elbows.  As the nerve slowly regrew, Susie regained some control over her bladder and bowels.  Susie is now at the point where she can control her pee unless she gets excited.  She can control her poop except when she sleeps.  We are still hopeful for even more improvement as we are now noticing   Susie move her tail.  She still doesn’t wag it like a normal dog but she is definitely moving it back and forth and up and down.

In foster care, Susie spends most of the day outside (her choice) and at night she wears a diaper to bed.   She is extremely cooperative about being diapered, standing patiently for the process. 

Susie happily crates at night with her best friend Lena (a former feral dog who is still standoffish). Susie is not an early riser.  Plus if you are late with bedtime, you will find her at your feet, looking at you wondering why you aren’t getting her ready for bed.  Clearly it’s hard work, playing and having fun all day and she needs her beauty sleep.

Susie is spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccinations.  If you are interested in Susie, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Susie is any modest donation to rescue.

Name:  Annie  3277
Age:  10 months
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Fuzzy Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 11 lbs

Once Annie passed the adorable tiny puppy stage, her owners promptly dumped her in the shelter.  This poor baby was terrified.  Even more heartbreaking, she was constantly looking for her owners.  The shelter staff called us, saying she was a dachshund mix and begged us to take her into rescue.  We think it is clear that Annie is not a dachshund.   Whatever her genetic background, she looks like a teacup German Shepherd.

Annie is very smart and has already mastered commands such as "sit" "stay" and "down."  She would enjoy and do well in a training class.  She loves going to the dog park and chasing and bringing back the ball.  She has lots of energy and loves to go on walks or go running.

Annie is good with other dogs and children over the age of 12.  She is not really good with cats, because she likes chasing them too much.  She enjoys sleeping in her crate at night and knows how to use both the doggy door and puppy piddle pads.

Annie is a loving dog who would benefit from an experienced dog owner who can give Annie the love and guidance that she needs.  She would love a playful canine companion.  If you think about it, Annie is perfect for someone who loves the German Shepherd breed, but lives in an apartment or condo that requires a smaller dog.

Annie is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  If you are interested in Annie, please fill out the online adoption application and email Althea at

The tax deductible donation for Annie is only $75.00.

Name:  Max  3316
Age: ~8 years
Color:  Red 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14 lbs.

Max’s elderly owner went into a nursing home, and as happens far too often, no one in the family would take him.  He ended up dumped at the shelter where he did not do well.  The poor guy was so terrified he hid under a blanket and wouldn’t even come out to eat.  The shelter’s rescue coordinator called us and asked if we could please take him.  How could we say no when we heard how badly he needed to get out of that environment?

In foster care, Max is thriving.  He likes cuddling up next to his foster mom when she is sitting on the bed or the sofa.  He is good on the leash and likes going for walks.  He enjoys playing with the other dogs.  He loves food and has no issues eating.  He still likes to be under a blanket, but now it is not from fear, but for comfort.  He gets along well with other dogs and with people.  He isn't good with children, so he needs a home with teenagers and up or an adults only home.  We do not know how he might be with cats.

Max is filled with love and wants so much to have a person to call his own.  He gets so excited when his foster mom comes home that his whole body shakes, just like a bowl of Jello.  He really is a charming boy.

Max is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He will soon have a complete dental.
If you are interested in Max, please fill out the adoption application and email Althea at

We'll accept a modest donation to rescue for Max.

Name: Woofie  3233
Age: 5 years
Color: Red Sable
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie/ 18 lbs.

This doxie is currently located in Fresno.
Transport might be possible depending on your location.

Woofie, previously known as Woody, is one very lucky boy.  Woofie ended up as a “stray” in a Central California shelter in early March 2014.  We know the people who took him to the shelter saying he was a “stray” were not being honest.  How do we know this?  Woofie was paralyzed in the back end, yet he had no wounds on his back legs from dragging them.  The “finders” said he just appeared on their front porch.  Woofie’s chances of leaving the shelter alive were very bleak.  There was no other rescue that would have stepped up for him, so our Central California representative put a call to Stephania, a wonderful lady who had previous experience rehabbing a downed dachshund to see if she would be willing again.  The answer was a resounding “YES” she would foster Woofie, but only as his rehab-foster to get him up and walking.  Our Central California Rep headed straight over to the shelter to get Woofie on what would have been his last day.

We have no idea how long Woofie had been down, but between Stephania’s dedication of daily physical therapy and a local veterinarian who has been doing acupuncture on Woofie for the last 5 months, Woofie is now up and walking.  Renee Brewer, DVM, will soon be opening her own practice in Madera, California, called Valley View Veterinary Hospital, loves and adores Woofie.

Now that Woofie is walking it is time for him to move on to a regular foster or adoptive home from his rehab-foster home.  We would like to find a home with people that will also be dedicated to this wonderfully sweet boy and would be willing to continue with some strengthening exercises.  Woofie has been continuing to build his strength every day.  He enjoys daily short walks, and is very good in the car.

Woofie needs a home that is all one level. No small children that could possibly re-injure Woofie.  He is living with 4 small female dogs, so he would probably enjoy having a female dog for companionship.  He is also living with a cat.  He gets a little excited about the cat, but does not try to harm it.  If the cat doesn’t run, he won’t chase.

Woofie is crate trained, up to date on all of his shots, microchipped.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting Woofie, please contact Janice at

The tax deductible donation to adopt Woofie is only $150.00.


Name: Brownie #3329

Age:  6 years

Color:  Chocolate & Tan

Coat:  Longhair

Sex:  Female/Spayed

Size:  Mini -12 lbs.

Brownie was brought in to a shelter to be euthanized.  Her owners said she was old and she went after cats.  The shelter declined to put her to sleep and instead took her in and asked us to take her.  It does not appear that much of anything the owners said about Brownie was true.  No one thinks she is a senior dog, and in the shelter she ignored the cats when walked by them.  We think her former people may have been getting rid of this breeding dog, because she had a very large mammary tumor (common in unspayed dogs)

Brownie has proven to be nothing but charming in her foster home.  She loves the six year old girl in the home and seems to only care about the other dogs if there is some special treat being handed out.  So far her favorite thing is to cuddle with her humans.   In her foster home, she has been very calm and relaxed. 

Like all dogs, she enjoys her walks.  We are working on polishing up her housebreaking manners.  Brownie crates quietly at night.

Brownie has now been spayed and the mammary tumor removed (it was benign as most mammary tumors are).  She is also microchipped and current on vaccinations.  If you are interested in Brownie, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for Brownie is $225.00.


 Kurt  3335
Age:  3 months
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - Currently 6.8 lbs.


Name:  Klaus  3336

Age: 3 months
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - Currently 6.8 lbs.


Are these two not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? These boys are classic dachshunds – big ears, big lips, big paws and lots of wrinkles. They truly are irresistible. 
These puppies are being extremely well socialized with other dogs.   We think they could end up in the 16 to 20 lb range but we cannot guarantee their adult weight/size.

Because these puppies are going to have short chubby legs, adopters must have a one story home.  (They have the ability to do stairs but due to a potential for a back injury, they should not do them and they should not be jumping off beds, etc)

In addition to only being one story, a new home should have the following:

Someone home most of the day or able to take the puppy to work.
Another small dog for play and companionship.
Applicants must be between 30 and 65 years of age.
Children must be over the age of 6.  
A secure INDOOR place for the puppy when no one is home.
Previous dachshund experience is a plus, but not essential

Kurt and Klaus are neutered and micro chipped. They will need one more DHPP and when older, a rabies.   They sleep in a crate at night although sleeping alone will be a transition.

 If you are interested in Kurt or Klaus, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible donation for either puppy is $425.00.


Name: Honey  #3318
Age:  7 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth  
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini 9.2 lbs

Honey originally came in to rescue with her buddy Waffle.  However, after a brief failed adoption of the pair (this was not the dogs fault.  It was operator error) Waffle began to show us how much he hated being in an overcrowded foster home.   He had a chance to be adopted as a second dog by an experienced adopter.  This trial separation worked out very well so, Honey is now looking for her forever home..

Honey did not have a good life prior to rescue.  Once past the cute puppy stage, she spent most of her life in a room without people around.  It was a lonely life for a dog.

Honey is extremely affectionate.  She loves everybody.  She does well with the other dogs although she  sometimes gets a little jealous over lap time.  She loves being outside and she loves her squeaky toys.

Because Honey loves to bark when she hears people walking by the fence, we do not think she would be a good condo/apartment dog.

Honey rides nicely in the car and crates at night with no complaint.

She would love a home that would take her out and about to make up for all those boring years in her past.  Her tiny size and friendly personality makes her an easy to take along dog

Honey is spayed,  micro chipped and current on her vaccinations.  She recently had a complete dental. If you are interested in Honey,, please fill out the online adoption application and email Lindy at

The tax deductible
 donation for Honey $200


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