Happy Tails

Our recent alumni dogs that found their forever homes!

If you just adopted from us and have photos with you and your happy tail- please send to us at dachshundrelief@gmail.com and we'll post your story!!


Name:  Pablo 3221
Age: 10 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Mini - 11 lbs.

Pablo was adopted from a rescue group eight years ago.  He has lived with several family members over the past few years, but now that he really needs a place to go, no one in the family will take him in.  His owner has developed a severe allergy to pet dander and can no longer live with a dog in her home without feeling ill.  We gladly took little Pablo under our wing.

Pablo is the perfect doxie for a retired lady or gentleman who desires the love and companionship of an affectionate and devoted senior dog.  Pablo is a treasure.  His fur is soft like velvet and he loves his belly rubbed and ears massaged.  Pablo has some alopecia (canine baldness) on his ears and chest, but is otherwise in great condition.

Pablo is reliably house trained, and he is dog door savvy.  He will also use piddle pads if he needs to potty and there is no one home to let him outside.  He loves to go for walks and enjoys riding in the car.  He needs a home with someone who can set limits and boundaries.  He feels safest knowing his humans are in charge.  Visiting grandchildren over 5 years old are safe with Pablo (with parental supervision of course) and he gets along fine with other small dogs, especially the girls.  We have no idea how he feels about cats.

Name: Dixie  3353
Age: 2.5 years 
Color: Light Red
Coat: Smooth 
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Standard – 23 lbs.

Dixie was adopted from the SPCA-LA in April 2014 by a lovely lady who was 84 years old.  It didn’t take long for her to realize that this was not such a good idea.  Not only is Dixie a large dachshund/corgi, but the lady has her 18 year old granddaughter and great-granddaughter (a 3 month old infant) living with her.  She has her hands full, and it was just becoming too much for her to handle.  When she asked us for help, we readily agreed to take Dixie into our rescue program.

Dixie is doing well in her foster home.  She likes the other dachshunds, especially the little boy ones.  She is a little shy with new people, but warms up quickly.  She would like to sleep in the big bed, but is settling for a comforter in a roomy crate for now.  Dixie would be fine in an “only dog” home if someone was there most of the time.  Families with children over 8 years old are encouraged to apply for Dixie.  Her favorite thing is to steal dirty laundry and stash it in her bed to be chewed later.  Her new family must keep their clothes picked up and in the hamper before washing, or else risk Dixie appropriating it for her own enjoyment.  (It’s a “dog thing”.)  Despite her size, Dixie still has some puppyish behaviors.

Dixie is house trained and crate trained.  She walks well on a leash and behaves nicely in the car.  Dixie knows the dog-door and goes in and out at her own volition.  When she is indoors, she is a couch-potato.  Always ready for lots of petting and a belly rub.  She is not shy about wanting to sit on the sofa with her people to get the maximum attention. 

Name: Lucy  3302
Age: 6 years
Color: Clear Red
Coat: Longhair
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini - 10 lbs.

Lucy was an owner-surrender at the Pasadena Humane Society.  We were not told the reason for them leaving her there.  Lucy was shy in the shelter and didn’t “show well”.  Shelters are very scary places, especially for dogs that are mild mannered and sensitive.  Lucky for Lucy, our local representative spotted her, contacted SCDR for help, and obtained the go ahead from PHS to pull her for us.

When Lucy arrived at her foster home, she was very shy.  She needed grooming and bath.  Once those needs were met, she was a different dog.  Happy, friendly, and affectionate are words that come to mind when we think about Lucy.

Lucy is a little princess.  She might have been an “only dog” in her previous home, and wants to be waited upon hand and foot.  She is a good eater and puts herself to bed at night.  She sleeps in a cushy dog bed in the master bedroom.  She loves going for walks and enjoys rides in the car.  She likes to ride in someone’s lap.

Lucy pretty much ignores the other dogs in her foster home.  She appears to have no interest in cats as well.  However, she does prefer women to men for some unknown reason. 


Name: Mary Jane  2760
Age: 7 year 
Color: Wild Boar
Coat: Smooth 
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Standard – 20 lbs.

When we rescued Mary Jane out of the Baldwin Park shelter in May of 2012, we had only previously seen her picture and thought she looked beautiful.  But as it turns out, not only is she beautiful to look at, she had a heart of gold and kisses as sweet as honey.  Mary Jane was adopted in July of 2012.  Recently, her family welcomed their first grandchild.  At first everything was fine, but when the infant became a toddler, everything fell apart.  Mary Jane does not like to be poked, prodded, pinched, pulled or generally harassed by the baby and she snapped at him.  (No damage done.) But the new grandma and grandpa felt that Mary Jane needed a toddler-free home, and returned her to SCDR to find a better one.

Mary Jane is a "Super Sized" dachshund.  Her heritage appears to be Dachshund and Bassett Hound.  She is very long and low. She loves the other dachshunds in her foster home, and plays well with them.  She loves to give kisses and cuddle in any available lap.  She likes to sleep in the big bed, under the covers, up close and personal.  She also enjoys lots of petting and belly rubs.

Mary Jane is reliably house trained.  She walks well on a leash and loves rides in the car.  She will steal your heart.  She is safe with children over 8 years old.  She is not good with babies or toddlers.  We don’t know how she is with cats.  Mary Jane is a wonderful family companion.  She is extremely intelligent as well as affectionate.  If you desire the love and admiration of the standard sized dachshund, Mary Jane is your dream come true.

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