Happy Tails

Our recent alumni dogs that found their forever homes!

If you just adopted from us and have photos with you and your happy tail- please send to us at dachshundrelief@gmail.com and we'll post your story!!


Name: Foucault  3300
(pronounced Foo-Koh)
Age: 5 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Tweenie - 14 lbs.

Foucault’s previous owners wrote to request we help them find a new home for their dachshund, because he was not adjusting well to having a tiny human in the home.  After seeing Foucault’s pictures, we could not refuse to give him a chance to love a family again. 

Foucault is the perfect doxie for people with an active lifestyle that want to include their dog in their daily activities.  He is house trained, crate trained, and he loves to go for walks.  He enjoys riding in the car.  Foucault does well in a doggy-day-care situation and at the dog park, but is a bit protective of his human when out on a walk and he sees other dogs.  (It’s a leash thing, and with some confidence/trust training, it will go away.)

An extremely handsome boy, Foucault is very loving and devoted.  He wants to be in your lap or by your side as much as possible.  He will do almost anything for treat.  He loves his chew bones, but most regular dog toys are not tough enough for him (not even a Kong).  He loves his crate and will retreat to his little “man cave” when he is feeling grumpy or tired.  He is not safe with cats or other small furry creatures.  Foucault’s previous owner told us that he thinks Foucault wants to be an “only dog”, the center of attention and of your universe.  He did not like sharing his humans.

 Name:  Lucy 3262
Age:  8 Years
Color:  Red Sable
Coat:  Longhair
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie– 13 lbs.

Name:  Jake 3261
Age:  8 Years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Longhair 
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 22 lbs.


Jake and Lucy are losing their home through no fault of their own.  Their owner is going through some very serious health issues, and cannot take proper care of them anymore, and he loves them so much, he only wants the best for them.  We agreed to find these two love-birds a home together.

Each of them has their own wonderful personality; Lucy is a gentle, sweet, and affectionate little girl.  Jake is all of that and more.  They are as fabulous as they come and will make any new owner both happy and proud to have this pair.  They are good with children over 6 years old, but would also be great with empty-nesters as well.  We don’t know how they feel about cats.  Don’t let their chronological age deter you.  They are healthy and lively with many more good years ahead of them. 

They walk well on a leash. They enjoy long walks through the neighborhood, smelling and sniffing as they encounter so many new sights.  Both are playful with each other, as well as toys, balls and Nylabones.  They sleep peacefully in their dog-bed at night, curling up side by side until morning. They are reliably house trained, and are learning the doggie door.

Jake and Lucy love to be couch potatoes and will cuddle and snuggle with you as long as you sit there watching television or reading.  Put a dog bed under your computer table, and they will keep your feet warm while you work.  They just want to be wherever you are.


Name: Tippi 3309
Age: 1 year
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Micro Mini – 7 lbs.

When Tippi was about 6 months old, someone dropped her into a stranger’s back yard.  They were unable to keep her, so a wonderful neighbor agreed to take her in.   They already had three dogs (the legal limit), and could not keep a fourth.  They tried for a few months to find Tippi’s owners, but all efforts failed.  We were delighted to help when asked to find Tippi a forever home.

Tippi is crate trained, and willingly goes into her crate a night to sleep, although she could become your “bed dog” very easily.  She is getting a crash course in house training.  She has not had any leash training, and adopters would need to invest a little time and effort to teach her proper leash manners.  She is OK on car rides, especially if she has a lap to sit in.  Otherwise, she travels in her crate very well.

Tippi gets along very well with the other dogs in her foster home, and even is safe with their cats as well.  (Most cats are bigger than Tippi anyway.)  She is safe with children over 8 years old and would adore having a couple of little girls to play “dressing up” with her.  She is active and loves to play with toys.  She is affectionate and generous with her kisses.

Tippi’s foster mom reports that she is not afraid of anything, but is not aggressive.  Tippi is a confident little “Chiweenie” girl.  We love the way her ears are positioned to catch every sound.  Her eyes dance with anticipation with every new person she meets.  She is a darling little sweetheart.

Name: Queenie  3303
Age: 7 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Standard – 19 lbs.

Queenie was picked up stray and taken to the Lompoc animal shelter (part of the Santa Barbara County shelter system).  She had a microchip, and when her people were finally located, they said they didn’t want her back.  She waited and waited, but no one came for her.  Luckily, a volunteer at the shelter contacted SCDR and asked if we had room for Queenie.  So, after being in the shelter for over 7 weeks, Queenie came to a foster home at SCDR.  The picture above is Queenie on the ride to her new foster home from the shelter.  See the sparkles in her eyes and the smile on her face?  We are thrilled to know we put them there.

An extremely beautiful girl, Queenie is very loving and affectionate with people. She has an “alpha” personality and wants to be “only dog” in the household.  She would learn to be civil if the other dog was male and a larger breed.  She enjoys going for walks and car rides.  Her most favorite thing is cuddling with her person and getting belly rubs.  Of course, Queenie sleeps in the big bed as she feels this is how it should always be. 

Queenie needs a home with someone who can give her lots of attention.  She loves going for rides, so if you enjoy traveling in your R.V., Queenie is ready to come along.  Retirees are encouraged to apply for her.  All she needs is a lap to sit in and she’s a happy little camper.  We don’t know how she would be around cats, but due to her alpha personality, we feel she will be happiest in a home that does not have a cat or other small furry critters.  A family with children over 8 years old would be OK though.


Name: Harvey  3209
Age: 7 years
Color: Black
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male Neutered 
Size: Standard – 36 lbs.

Harvey, a Lab/Dachshund mix, was found stray in Whittier, CA.  He was hungry and exhausted and decided to rest under the rose bushes in front of a house on a quiet street.  When the homeowner returned from shopping, she found Harvey waiting for her.  His wagging tail and soulful eyes touch her heart.  She gave him water and food.  He had no collar or tags, so she took him to her vet and had him scanned for a microchip.  Nothing.  Then she walked him around the neighborhood asking everyone she met if they knew who he was or where he lived.  No success.  She would have kept him at her home and continued to look for his people, but her own little dog took great exception to Harvey’s presence, so she contacted SCDR and we agreed to take him into our program.  

You absolutely cannot believe how wonderful Harvey is.  Harvey has the best of both worlds – the calm demeanor and temperament of Lab with the smaller stature of the Dachshund.  Harvey would be perfect for condo or apartment dwellers that fancy the Lab breed, but need a smaller dog to comply with residential restrictions.  With some training, he’d make a fabulous “therapy dog”. 


Initally, Harvey is cautious around strangers, but warms up quickly, especially if there may be a treat in the offing.  He is quiet, well behaved, and house trained.  He loves long walks, and he enjoys the dog-park.  The longer Harvey is in his foster home, the better he is getting.  He is truly an amazing dog.  Harvey gets along with smaller dogs, but unfortunately, he also chases cats, squirrels, and birds.  He is safe around children over 12 years old.  He’s not aggressive, just a big Baby Hughie that could easily knock a small child down in enthusiastic play.

Harvey would like a home with a female dog for companionship if possible.  Folks who work from home or who can take their dog to work would be perfect for him as well.  He is very intelligent and has the potential to be an excellent family dog with people with previous dog experience.  Harvey will be available for adoption after December 21st.


Name:  Stanley  3287
Age:  3.5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14 lbs.

A small east bay shelter reached out to us to see if we might take Stanley.  He was not adoptable at the shelter due to his behavior.  When he arrived in rescue, we laughed at his behavior notes, because they were just like they would be for 95% of doxies that are in a strange environment:  “Please don’t loom over Stanley to pet him.  Please sit down and let Stanley come to you.”

Out of the shelter, Stanley has been a happy, friendly boy.  He greets strangers nicely, and if they sit down, he has no problems with being picked up by newcomers.

Stanley arrived with a retained baby tooth growing sideways out of his mouth.  Due to the damage it had caused to the adjoining adult tooth, Stanley had to have a complete dental where his teeth were cleaned and shined and the two problem teeth were removed.

Stanley is somewhat aloof with the other dachshunds.  He will at times chase a ball, and there are one or two of his foster siblings that he will play briefly with.  However, he really comes alive when he gets to have a human audience and lots of toys to play with. 

Stanley is a short boy – no stairs for him.  We think he could be an “only dog” or he could have a canine companion.  (He just doesn’t like living with a large pack.)  Stanley is friendly enough with the other dogs that he often shares his crate.

Stanley would love a home where he can get some exercise.  While he loves to cuddle, he wants more out of life than to be a couch potato.

Stanley is vaccinated, micro chipped  and neutered.  If you are interested in Stanley, please fill out the adoption application and email Lindy at linla@comcast.net.

The tax deductible donation for Stanley is $275.00.

Name: Heidi  3253
Age: 14 years
D.O.B.:  12/06/1999
Color: Red 
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Small Standard - 17 lbs.

When a family adopts a doxie from SCDR, we offer a guarantee that the dog will have a real home for life, either with the people adopting the dog or with SCDR.  It is our promise to the dog.  Heidi is a prime example of how the guarantee works.  Heidi and her sister, Missy, were adopted from SCDR back in October of 2009.  They were spritely 9-year-olds.  Their adopter was a 76 year old gentleman and well within the age parameters for adopting a middle-aged dog.  But now, 5 years later, sister Missy crossed over to Rainbow Bridge, and just a few weeks later, their adopter suddenly passed away.  We did not hesitate to take Heidi back under our protection. Heidi is very confused as to where her sister is and why she is back with SCDR and not in her own home anymore. 
Heidi is a small standard or large tweenie doxie.  She needs a quiet home with someone who can take her for leisurely walks, and has a grassy yard for her to enjoy exploring.  She is house trained, crate trained, and with some encouragement, Heidi goes in and out the dog door on her own.  She rarely barks.  Her greatest pleasure seems to be napping in that patch of sunshine on the carpet.  Heidi is an easy dog.

Although Heidi is a senior, she would love to be your new best friend.  She has so much love to give.  Her age is not a factor.  At night, she likes to sleep in her cushy dog bed, under her blanket of course.  Heidi is used to living with a senior citizen and would not do well in a home with lots of activity and children.  Visiting grandkids would be OK if they are supervised.  She would love to have another canine companion to share her dog bed and blanket.

Heidi’s vaccinations are all up-to-date, she’s microchipped, and she recently had a dental cleaning.  Despite everything, she was well cared-for until her return to rescue.  If you are interested in Heidi, please contact Dena at (562) 694-6868 or email Dena@SCDR.org.  An adoption application is required.

The adoption fee for Heidi is a modest tax-deductible donation to SCDR.


Name:  Brooklyn  3241
Age: 7 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Standard - 20 lbs.

Brooklyn spent most of her first 7 years as a puppy maker.  One of our volunteers in the Central Valley found her posted on Craigslist.  In the photo in the ad, she was chained up in a dirt field.  Our hearts went out to her and we convinced the owners to release her to us so we could find a wonderful home for her, never to be chained up again.

You would never know that her life has been so tough by the unconditional love she gives every day.  Brooklyn is a sweet girl who loves her humans.  She is her foster mom's shadow.  She is happiest when she is lying next to her mom on the couch getting attention.

Brooklyn currently lives in a foster home with three other dogs (big and small), and she does well with them, but she could easily be an “only dog” as well.  She has not had any issues with the neighborhood cats.  She loves to go for walks and does well on a leash.  She thinks anytime someone goes towards the front door they are certainly going to walk her. 

Brooklyn jumps and prances when it is time to eat.  She loves feeding time!  She was very skinny when she was rescued, but she has gained weight and is now perfect!  She also loves to go for rides in the car, however, she is not very fond of the crate.  She will go in, but she whines and cries.  She sleeps in the big bed with her humans.  Most of the time she likes to be on top on her foster mom's head on the pillows! 

Brooklyn is such an easy dog.  All she wants is love. (We don't think there was much of that in her previous life!).   Her foster mom even considered keeping her, but knows there are many other lives that need saving, and Brooklyn is going to make someone very happy.

Name:  Ziggy  3301
Age: 2 years
 Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Longhair
Sex: Neutered Male
Size: Tweenie - 15 lbs.

Ziggy was purchased by a senior couple.  When the husband past away recently, the wife decided to move out of state, and could not take Ziggy with her.  Luckily, our Central California volunteer learned of Ziggy’s situation, and she was able to get him into our rescue program.  Faster than a jack rabbit, he was whisked down the freeway to our Southern California foster home.  Here he is, ready for a new home and a bright future.

Ziggy is an inquisitive and sweet boy.  Affectionate, gentle and highly intelligent, Ziggy has no issues with anyone.  He loves belly-rubs and to be picked up and cuddled at every opportunity.  He gives amazing kisses.  Ziggy would be a good family dog with gentle older children.  We do know for certain that he is not good with cats.  He doesn’t want to kill them, but he thinks they are something to play with and not in a nice way.  His leash training could use some work, but he is very good in the car.  His house training is coming along nicely and he uses the dog door regularly. 

Ziggy is the consummate lap-dog and enjoys napping in your lap while you work on the computer or watch television.  He enjoys snooping in the back yard, sunning himself, and is learning how to play “fetch” with a tennis ball.  He will chase the tennis ball but has not quite gotten the idea that he has to bring it back to you.  He’ll get there eventually.  He enjoys squeaky toys as well.  Ziggy is so well-behaved, but he is a bit too active and curious to go to work with you at this point.  He needs to be a little older and get some regular obedience training first. 


Name:  Trudy  3246
Age: 8 years
Color: Chocolate & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini- 11.5 lbs.

After 8 years of devotion to her family, Trudy’s owners decided they were tired of her, so they took her to their vet and asked him to euthanize her.  The vet had them sign an owner release form, and instead contacted our local SCDR representative to see if we had a place for Trudy.  Of course, we did!  How could we refuse such a lovely little girl?

Trudy is adorable.  We can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want this sweet little girl!  She’s well-behaved, docile, a little shy when meeting new people, but getting more and more outgoing every day.  Trudy walks nicely on a leash and enjoys going for a ride in the car.  She’d be a great RV dog, hardly taking up any space at all.

Trudy gets along great with other dogs, male and female. She would be okay as a single little princess, but only if her people didn’t work long hours.  She’s crate trained, house trained, and she learned how to use the dog door.  She sleeps in the big bed with her foster parents, and snuggles under the covers.  She doesn’t have any naughty habits.  Trudy is so sweet and will look at you with her big brown eyes hoping to find a way to please you.

Trudy is very easy to get along with and would be a good choice for a family with gentle children over 10 years old.  She is a bit uneasy about being picked up.  Maybe she fell or was dropped in her past?  We don’t know how she would behave around a cat.  Her favorite thing is to nestle in the fluffy throw blankets on the sofa and survey her domain from this vantage point.  You could miss seeing her, if you didn’t know she was there, sitting amongst the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals.


February 17, 2014                                                   May 5, 2014

Name:  Glory  3254
Age:  10 months
Color:  Red Double Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 9 lbs.

Glory was saved thanks to the efforts of Terri Green, Supervising Animal Care Attendant at the County of San Diego, Dept. of Animal Services in Bonita, CA.  When Glory arrived at the shelter in mid-February 2014, her people told the authorities that their 6 month old puppy had been run over by a car, and they could not afford the medical care, so they brought her to the shelter to be put to sleep.  They signed the owner release form and left Glory to her fate.

After several emails and phone calls, transport was arranged.  SCDR’s representatives in San Diego, Katie Earle and Greg Littrell sprung into action.  Katie called the shelter and arranged for pick-up, and Greg drove Glory to meet with Gil Delgado (SCDR VP and transporter).  Glory arrived in La Habra and was safe.

After 7 long days, 2 surgeries, and some post-surgical care and rehabilitation, Glory was once again able to stand and walk a bit, even putting some weight on her broken leg.  Both hips and her leg are put together with plates, screws and wires.  She’s a bionic doxie. 

End of March 2014

It has been 4 months since Glory came into rescue, and she is now ready for a home of her own.  Her body has healed, and except for a slight “hitch in her get-along” from the broken leg, she is 100%.  Glory is crate trained, house trained, loves to be outside exploring the yard, chasing birds, and playing with her fellow foster dogs.  During her recuperation, she has been the surrogate mother to two orphaned puppies.  She is very loving and tolerant of puppy teeth and has been instrumental in helping them learn to be house trained as well.

Name:  Priscilla  3304
Ages: 6 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size: Mini - 11 lbs.

Name:  Elvis  3303
Ages:  4 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini - 11 lbs.


Elvis and Priscilla were rescued by a private citizen from a bad situation, and subsequently, she realized she really couldn’t handle having two more dogs.  She then contacted SCDR, and we readily agreed to take them into our rescue program and find them the right home.

Elvis and Priscilla are very sweet and well-behaved.  Each one is a joy to hold and cuddle.  They give wonderful kisses.  They are crate trained, and as house trained as they can be.  They need a home with a yard and a dog door.  They cannot be apartment/condo dogs.  They need some leash training as they appear to hardly ever gotten to go for walks, but had free access to the back yard in their previous home.  They get along with other dachshunds but needed supervised introductions, especially Elvis. 

Priscilla is never far from Elvis at any time.  They eat together, sleep together, and just hang out together.  They share a cushy dog bed at night, but desire to sleep in the big bed with their people.  Elvis and Priscilla are safe with children over 8 years old. 

Priscilla is very loveable, she is smart, very patient, and good natured. Elvis is feisty.  He is protective and will bark at someone he does not know


Name:  Amos  3143
Age:  approx. 10 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.

Imagine this:  You are in a quiet residential area, two young teenage girls are waiting to cross the street on a warm Saturday afternoon in September, when a pick-up truck comes cruising down the street, barely stopping before making a quick right turn at the corner.  At that moment, a small plastic dog crate flies off the back of the truck.  It bounces and tumbles before coming to rest in the middle of the street.  The truck speeds off, totally oblivious of the loss of something from the truck bed.  The pick-up truck is out of sight in seconds.  Inside the crate, the girls discover a small senior, black and tan, male dachshund.  The crate is cracked and broken, but miraculously, the little dachshund inside is unharmed, just a bit shook-up from the incident.  Without hesitation, the girls scoop up what’s left of the crate and the dog and announce to on-lookers that it’s OK, they were going to take the dog home and their mom would help him.

They hurry home with the little dachshund, and their mom knows just what to do.  She contacts the O.C. Shelter.  The attendant tells her that the shelter is really full, and because this little guy is a senior, he would not be adoptable to the public.  He takes down her contact information just in case someone comes looking for the dog.  He then suggests she contact rescues to see if they can take him.  Here’s where we come in.  The mom called SCDR and we agreed to meet the next day. 

So there he was.  A little old boy with no name sitting on our volunteer’s front porch while the family does the paperwork to get him into rescue.  He needed a name.  So his foster mom named him Amos.  It seemed like a good name for a mature dog.  Amos seemed to be partially blind, hard of hearing, and in need serious dental work.  But he survived a nasty fall from a pick-up truck, so he must have a guardian angel looking out for him. 

SCDR checked with the shelter several times to see if anyone reported him missing.  Nothing reported in nearly a month.  We also checked on Craig’s List for lost dog reports. . . . again, nothing.  It boggles the mind how someone can lose a crate with a dog in it and not be calling every shelter or checking the internet for a clue as to where their dog might have ended up.  And we thought we’d heard all the weird stories of how doxies ended up in rescue.  This is a new one for us.  We will add it to the list of bizarre rescue occurrences.

Name:  Herbie  3160
Age: 2 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Tweenie – 12 lbs.

When we rescued Herbie from a Central CA shelter, he was sick, and very wobbly when walking.  He was favoring his right side, especially the right front leg.  Further examination by our vet revealed the cause.  Herbie had healing wounds from not only being hit by a car and skidding on his right side across the asphalt (road rash), but also what looks like he had a chain around his neck that was too tight for too long.  He has a permanent scar above his collar line.  Yet, despite his obvious injuries and neglect, Herbie is so loving and grateful to be out of the shelter and in a nice foster home with comfy beds and soft blankies.

Herbie is the sweetest boy ever!  His foster mom cannot stop bragging about what a pleasure he is to have as a guest in her home.  He gets along with the resident dogs and other fosters.  He shares his nighttime crate with a senior female, who is otherwise a bit grumpy, but has begun to mother him.  Her whole demeanor is changing thanks to the loving feedback Herbie is giving her.

An extremely handsome boy, Herbie is very affectionate to all he comes in contact with.  His eyes dance with excitment at the prospect of meeting someone new.  He would be happiest in a quiet home with a retired person or someone who works part time or from home.  Please, no young children for Herbie.  It is not that he is not safe with children, but that they could easily re-injure him accidentally.  He would also very much enjoy having a mellow female dachshund for companionship. 

Name: Lucas 3293
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered 
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.

Recently, SCDR received an urgent message from the Rescue Liaison at the Long Beach Shelter that a young red dachshund was available and the shelter was very overcrowded.  She desperately needed a rescue him and save his life.  A quick call to our wonderful volunteer, Aaron Valdez, and he and his daughter, Scarlett, made plans to go get the little red doxie.  Scarlett named him Lucas.  After spending his first week out of the shelter at the vet getting over Kennel Cough and being neutered, Lucas joined the other doxies in his foster home.  He proved to be social and friendly to everyone, young and old. 

Isn’t Lucas super cute? Look at those short legs and his big brown “Cleopatra” eyes.  (Dark eyeliner around the eyes.)  He is very intelligent and learned the house rules very quickly.  He followed the other dogs out the dog-door and pottied outside without any hesitation.  Lucas is good on a leash and loves going for walks.  He is very good in the car, and wants to ride shotgun in someone’s lap so he can see out the window.

Lucas loves playing with any other small dog that is willing.  He especially likes Wrestle-Mania and joining the pack when they are chasing a ball.  He is as nice as they come.  He is a very happy dachshund with a funny personality. The ideal family for Lucas would have children over 8 years old, live in a private home, and have another small dog for play and companionship, preferably female.  Lucas can be a bit bossy with boy dogs.  Lucas is crate trained and house trained.  He prefers his bedtime crate be in the master bedroom, so he knows his people are close by.  We bet he’d love to sleep in the big bed if given the chance.


Name:  Bootsie  3276
Age: 2.5 years
Color:  Black & White
Coat:  Longhair
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14.5. lbs.

Animal Control found Bootsie wandering the streets of San Francisco.  Once in the shelter, he became absolutely terrified.  When no one came to claim him, we were called to see if we could take him.  Luckily, we found a foster slot for this handsome boy.

Based on his behavior, we think Bootsie spent his entire life in a yard.  When he arrived at his foster home, he made it very clear that although he really liked people; he was very uncomfortable being in the house.  He also didn’t want to get on furniture.  His foster parents are working on getting him comfortable with being inside and trusting people.  He now likes sleeping on the bathroom rug or under the bed rather than outside.

Bootsie came into rescue knowing what leash is and he gets very excited when one is pulled out and he gets to go for a walk.   He also loves playing with a ball.  Bootsie is a smart boy and quickly mastered the sit command to get a treat. 


Name:  Sawyer  3283
Age:  1 year
Color:  Black & Tan 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14 lbs.

Sawyer is absolutely the definition of “cute as a button”.  He’s got chubby legs, fat paws and a short, stout little body.  However he’s got a little something other than dachshund going on as his ears look like they shrunk in the wash.

Not only is this boy adorable, he’s super friendly and charming.  He loves, loves, loves people and has no trouble pushing his way through the pack to get some attention. 

Sawyer also loves other dogs.  He’s very young, so he is always running and playing with his foster brothers.  He currently shares a big crate with another young dog, and every night when they are locked in, they have a five minute wrestling match before settling down to sleep.

It was clear when Sawyer was being taken for his neuter appointment that he had never been on a leash in his life.  His new home should get him out for lots of walks and adventures to keep him the confident boy he is now.


Name: Archie  3240
Age:  10 years
Color:  Red 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini - 11 lbs.

Archie is another sweet, stray senior that no one ever came looking for.  Fortunately, we had temporary foster space in Central California, so we could save him until he made his way to the Bay Area.

Archie hasn’t met anyone that he hasn’t liked.  He’s a very friendly doxie, greeting guests with a wagging tail rather than a bark.  Archie is also good with all the dogs in his foster home.  He often joins in their games.  He especially enjoys patrolling the yard. 

He’s got a super soft, silky coat with a distinguished white face.   With his long, lean body, he’s a very  handsome dachshund

Archie came to us with a host of medical issues including a heart murmur.  We expect this was due to his terrible mouth, filled with rotten teeth. (The bacteria from the mouth can get into the heart muscle)  He went on a course of antibiotics, then he had a dental with a number of teeth removed, and then an even longer course of antibiotics.  He feels great now, although he is likely to need a second dental in a year or so.

Archie loves to cuddle with a person.  He will also crate without complaint although he does want a blanket to wrap up in.  Archie is not an early bird and is content to wait for his foster mom to get him up in the morning.



Name:  Slater  3282
Age:  18 months
Color:  Black & Tan Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 14 lbs

Slater is a very striking dog.  With his gorgeous dappling and his one blue eye, he is a show stopper.  Even better – he has a gorgeous personality.

Slater shyly greets new people.  He loves to get some cuddling and affection but he isn’t demanding.  Slater also likes the other dogs.  He’s a youngster so he enjoys the romping and running.  However, Slater’s favorite game is playing with a ball.  He is only so-so about returning it but a lot of this is due to his not wanting to lose his prize to the pack of doxies that run after the ball with him. (None of them really want the ball.  They just are along for the ride).


Name:  Shirley  2669
Age:  10 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size:  Standard – 18 lbs.

We rescued Shirley from the Orange County Shelter in late December 2011, and you’ll forgive the expression, she was “sick as a dog”.  It took several weeks, heavy-duty medication, and lots of T.L.C. to get Shirley well.

Shirley was subsequently adopted by a lovely lady around Valentine’s Day 2012, and up until the present, everything was great.  But sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  And now Shirley had come back to SCDR, as her former owner had to move back in with her mother (no pets allowed). 

Shirley is an absolute love.  If you have a soft spot in your heart for the senior dachshunds, you will fall helplessly in love with Shirley.  All she wants is a cozy bed with a soft blanket, and the unconditional love of someone who will cherish her (and rub her belly) for the rest of her life. Since Shirley is now in very good health, she has quite a few years left.  Are you retired and like to go places in your RV?  Shirley is ready to ride shotgun!

Shirley likes dachshunds, especially the older males, and would not mind sharing a home with one.  She would also be okay as an only-dog.  Shirley is fine with visiting grandchildren over 5 years old.  She would prefer to live with someone who works part-time or from home, or someone who is retired.  We don’t know how she feels about cats.


Name: Oscar  3263
Age: 8 years
Color: Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Chubby Mini - 13 lbs.

When Oscar’s beloved owner of seven years became ill, rendering her unable to care for her dog, her family moved her to an assisted living facility, and Oscar went to stay with a family member.  When they moved to a new location, Oscar ended up outside all day no matter what the weather, and he was very unhappy.  He went from loved and doted on to almost totally ignored.  Something had to done to remedy the situation.  We agreed to take him into rescue and find Oscar a better home.

Oscar is the perfect doxie for a retired lady or gentleman who desires the love and companionship of an affectionate and devoted mature dog.  Oscar is active and in good health.  His vaccines are up to date, and he has had regular dental care and cleanings.  His fur is soft like velvet and he loves his belly rubbed and ears massaged. 

Oscar is getting a refresher course in house training.  He loves to go for walks and enjoys riding in the car.  He needs a home where he will be the center of his person’s universe.  Visiting grandchildren of all ages are safe with Oscar (with parental supervision of course) and he gets along fine with other small dogs.  He is making an effort to get along with the resident dog-savvy cat in his foster home.  The cat does not run, so Oscar does not chase.  If you have a calm and dog-savvy cat, Oscar would be a fine house mate.

An extremely handsome boy, Oscar is very well socially adjusted.  He prefers to sleep in his little dog bed in the master bedroom.  He was never allowed on the big bed.  Oscar needs a home that is all on one level with no stairs, because he has very short legs and a long body.  Stairs are just out of the question.


Name: Rudy  2888
Age: 6 years
D.O.B.:  10/16/2007
Color:  Red Brindle
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Rudy came to SCDR a year ago, originally as a patient needing rehabilitation after undergoing back surgery.  He was injured while rough-housing with his family’s bigger, younger dog.  After 8 weeks of TLC, crate rest, medication, and physical therapy, Rudy was ready to go home.  Unfortunately, his family thought it best not to take him back.  They feared he would be reinjured once he and their other dogs resumed playing.  They felt awful about relinquishing ownership, but knew it was what was best for Rudy.  He needs a “dachshunds only” home.

So Rudy stayed with us, and integrated himself with his foster mom’s own dogs.  Rudy not only walks like nothing ever happened to him, he runs.  He runs out the dog door and down the ramp to his favorite potty spot in the back yard.  He is also the social director for all the dachshund fun and joins the rabble rousers when the postal delivery person or trash collectors have the nerve to invade the property.  He also spends his leisurely moments cleaning his siblings’ ears and teeth.  He does a great job as a dental hygienist.  His services are well received by his buddies.

Rudy is house trained and crate trained.  However, when very excited, he can accidently lose control of his bowels.  It’s the only residual condition left by the back injury.  And it is only occasional, not a daily occurrence.  Regular walks and opportunity to relieve himself in an acceptable manner prevent this entirely.

An extremely handsome brindle boy, Rudy is very loving and affectionate.  He gives wonderful kisses. 


Name: Olivia  3239
Age: 9 months 
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth 
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Mini – 9 lbs.

Olivia was found stray and taken to a shelter to wait for her people to come get her.  She waited and waited, but no one showed up.  A volunteer contacted our local representative and asked if we wanted her.  We readily agreed.  Who would not want to rescue a mini red female doxie under a year old? 

When Olivia arrived at her foster home, she had a soft cast on her right front leg.  No one knew why, except that someone at the shelter thought there might be something wrong with her leg.  A quick trip to our vet and an x-ray revealed nothing.  No broken bones, no hairline fractures or joint damage.  She must have had a soft tissue injury that healed completely on its own.  And except for a very slight limp from having her leg immobilized for over a week, Olivia was fine.  After she was spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped, she came home from the vet acting like nothing happened. 

Olivia is very mellow for a puppy, friendly, outgoing, affectionate, mischievous, curious, and silly; all with that puppy enthusiasm for life.  The other dogs in her foster home helped her learn the dog door, to chase a ball, play tug-o-war, and her favorite game – “Wrestle Mania”. 

Olivia is 80% house trained, as she still needs someone to take her outside every few hours and stay out there with her to praise her for a good potty.  She has made significant progress since she arrived in rescue.  Olivia sleeps through the night in her crate, sometimes with a foster sibling, other times, alone.  She is crate trained, but would love to sleep in the big bed under the covers with her person.  She loves to be held and cuddled, resting her chin on your shoulder.  

Name:  Shannon  3158
Age:  13 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Tweenie – 13 lbs.

Shannon was sad and very confused.  The only person she has known and loved for most of her 13 years had financial troubles and had to move in with a family member who did not allow Shannon to accompany her.  Shannon was just devastated.  It took over a week to get her out of her funk and begin to enjoy the comradery and affection of her fellow fosters.  She lost some weight during her mourning period, but is now eating well and putting some meat back on her bones.  She has a lovely black and tan coat with just a sprinkling of gray around the whiskers. 
Shannon is absolutely devoted to her people, and very loving.  She is a wonderful little companion dog.  She wants to go everywhere and do everything with her people.  She is extremely polite and well-behaved, so taking her out in public is a pleasure.  She LOVES walks, though she is one of those dogs who is far more interested in exploring and sniffing every blade of grass, than in actually making significant forward progress.  So what?  It’s good to stop and smell the flowers. 

Shannon is house trained, crate trained, and knows how to use the doggy door.  She gets along with everyone, and may even be a good candidate to live with a dog-savvy cat.  She is very mothering and nurturing to any of her foster buddies who sit down beside her.  Face and ear washing are her specialties.

Shannon loves to cuddle with her people while they watch television or read, snooze in that patch of sun on the living room carpet, and sleep quietly in her crate at night.  She would love to sleep in the big bed and snuggle under the covers too.  She is a perfect couch companion and car-ride buddy, and she will keep you company while you are on your computer.  Overall, Shannon is totally up for anything her person wants to do. She is the perfect doxie for a retired lady or gentleman who desires the love and companionship of an affectionate and devoted senior dog. 


Name: The Earl of Wessex  3280
Age:  7 years 
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard - 17 lbs.

This stunning gentleman was picked up as a stray.  He was miserable in the shelter so they reached out for rescue.  The Earl got his name for his regal bearing.  With his commanding presence, he is clearly dachshund royalty.

While Earl may be royalty now, he appears to have lived his previous life as a peasant yard dog.  He had a very rough coat and while very people-friendly, he was uncomfortable being in the house.  However, within days this smart boy figured out this was a new day and a new dawn.  He now loves being inside and he especially wants to be near people.  He is an affection sponge.

As he settles in, he is trying to figure out how to play.  He gets all excited when he hears a squeaky, but he has no idea of what to do with it! 

So far, Earl is a quiet boy.  He goes with the flow.  He did start to try to guard his foster family (his most valuable possession ever!) but is learning that he has to share with the other dogs.  We think he would do best as an “only dog” or in home where there is a much higher people-to-dog ratio so he could get the love he so desperately wants.

Earl appears to have had a dapple parent as he has just a hint of dappling (white hairs) throughout his body. 

Earl loves his nighttime crate.  It was so fun to see when he first discovered he could burrow into the covers.  He was overjoyed.

Earl has short legs so he needs a no stairs home.  We think he would be fine with older, respectful children.  We don’t know how he would react to cats.

Earl’s mouth was a mess when he was picked up, but he has since had a complete dental.  He has also been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  

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