Happy Tails

Our recent alumni dogs that found their forever homes!

If you just adopted from us and have photos with you and your happy tail- please send to us at dachshundrelief@gmail.com and we'll post your story!!


Name: Peanut  3314
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Weight:  Chubby - 16 lbs.

Peanut and his deaf, double dapple father came to us from Craig’s List.  Their owners were dumping them that day if someone did not come take them.  (Because after all, when you move, you certainly don’t take your dogs along, and you need to wait until the last possible minute to think about what to do with them.)

In rescue, Peanut was friendly but needy.  He didn’t like being gated off from the people in the house.  After a few days, he began to get more accepting.  (We want our dogs to learn independence.)  Because he is so darn cute, Peanut was immediately adopted.  His new owners loved him madly, but they had a gentle 13+ year old doxie.  Within days, Peanut began resource guarding his people and then he went after the senior doxie, because he wanted his new mom all to himself.  With heavy hearts, his adoptive parents had to return him to rescue.  Peanut is such a loving dog that this was very difficult for them, as they lost their hearts to him.

In foster care, Peanut is living with lots and lots of dogs of all sizes and ages.  He does well with all of them, because we have strict rules for the dogs.  We don’t let him have the run of the house or sleep in the big bed, because we want him to learn his place in the hierarchy.  As a result, we have had absolutely no issues between Peanut and any of the other dogs.

We think the ideal home for Peanut would be where his new owners set firm, consistent rules from the very start.  He does best with “nothing in life is free” rules. (This is a method of training where a dog has to work for everything good and has to ask permission for things, such as getting on the bed.)  It helps establish teach Peanut that he is not in charge.)  We think he can live with another dog if the other dog is not timid or medically fragile.  In foster care, even the 8 pound dog has Peanut toeing the line, because she won’t take any flak from him.  However, Peanut would have no trouble being an only dog.  He just really wants a person to adore.  A home with someone around most of the time would be his idea of heaven.


Name:  Rocky  3184
Age:  6 years
Color:  Cream Sable
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard - 19 lbs.

We have to stop taking late night Saturday calls!  This one was about a doxie in Bakersfield.  We asked repeatedly “Are you sure he is a dachshund?”  We were repeatedly told yes.  We somewhat suspiciously agree to take him.  He was whisked off into boarding the next morning to await transport.  We then got his head shot and we knew.  This was another NAD (Not a Dachshund).  However, we had committed, so he was now ours.

Rocky arrived in the Bay Area via a Pilots ‘N Paws flight.  The passengers on the plane raved about what a good dog he had been.  He sat on a young boys lap for the entire flight, cool as a cucumber.  He had no problems being immediately being handled by a stranger (his new foster mom).  On the car trip back to the house, he curled up in the front seat and rested with not a care in the world.  Even more impressive was when he met the gang – his foster siblings.  They like to swarm new dogs, but Rocky didn’t bat an eyelash at this.

Rocky has proven to be a “Zen” dog.  He is young and playful, but his inner energy is calm and soothing.  He goes with the flow and never causes trouble.   He is a cute boy with a shepherdy look to his face. 

Rocky has learned to enjoy playing with the other dogs.  He likes chase and he would love to join the wrestling, but the doxies are breedist and normally won’t let him.  He was very happy to discover cow hooves and bones to chew on and is starting to figure out toys.


Name: Lulu  3328
Age:  13 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 9 lbs.

Lulu first came into rescue three years ago and was quickly adopted.  However, her adopter’s circumstances changed and she can no longer keep Lulu so she came back to rescue.

Lulu is a delightful senior.  She is good with all the other dogs (after first making sure they all know not to mess with her!).  She has lived happily with cats.  She loves to cuddle and has no shyness about demanding her lap time.  She really is an easy dog.

Name:  Broco  3326
Age:  6 months
Color:  Red Sable
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.

Bronco was rescued from a backyard breeder who was having trouble selling puppies in the small town they lived.  We happily agreed to take them into rescue and see that they not only got homes but also medical care.  We are also putting some much needed weight on them as they came in very skinny.  

These puppies are all very friendly and sweet with people. Broco (BROwn COw) loves to play with other dogs.  If you have a dog that really wants a playmate to romp with or you want a dog you can take to a dog park, he’s your guy.  

He is very good with other dogs. We think he is still young enough to learn to live with cats.  He will need a home that will get him out on walks and adventures.  He's way too young and energetic to just be a couch potato.  

Name: Rufus  3323
Age:  7 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 15 lbs.

We got a call from a small shelter begging us to help a dachshund mix that had a serious skin condition. He had been picked up as a stray but had a microchip.  When his owners were tracked down, they gave the old “we gave the dog away and we don’t remember who to” excuse, thereby dodging responsibility for allowing him to get into such a terrible condition.

When Rufus arrived in rescue, we alternated between calling him Lizard and Babar the Elephant, due to his skin.  He had no hair on his chest, his face or under his legs.  Not only was he bald, but his skin was gray,  thick, rubbery and wrinkled.  This was due to a yeast infection which then allowed a secondary infection to also take hold.  He was also way too thin.  He looked pathetic and he was miserable with the itching and the pain.

He was immediately started on two different medications and he received medicated baths.  He had to stay lathered up with the special shampoo for a full ten minutes every other day.  Rufus was a champ and cooperated with whatever we wanted to do to him.  He now is fully recovered and ready to find a new home.

Rufus is friendly dog.  He doesn’t seem to have a dominate bone in his body.  He even lets puppies push him around.  He will run and hide in his crate at the first sign of another dog getting snarky with him.  We think he could be a family dog.


Name: Charlie  3359
Age: 5 mo.
D.O.B.:   5/18/2014
Color:  *Clear Red 
Coat: Smooth 
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Mini – 3.5 lbs. and growing

Charlie has been passed around like a hot potato.  He was given to someone by a friend who received an eviction notice for having two dogs in a one-pet-only apartment complex.  The new family’s resident dog took great exception to having another dog in the home, so they asked us to find Charlie another home, so he doesn’t get passed around again.  We jumped at the chance to find him a loving home.

Charlie’s coloring is called “Clear Red”.  *This means his body has no black pigment whatsoever.  His nose is pink and toenails light brown.  He has Hazel eyes.  He will need sunscreen on his muzzle to prevent him from getting sunburned if outdoors more than a few minutes.  He would be a great candidate for wearing one of those doggy baseball hats with a brim to shade is eyes and nose when out and about.

Charlie is a wonderful puppy, friendly, affectionate, mischievous, curious, and silly.  The other dogs in his foster home are helping him learn proper dog-etiquette and the older gals are taking turns being his surrogate mother.  He needs to have a canine companion in his new home, a dog that can mentor him and give him confidence.  He is nowhere near leash trained, and is a bit fretful when riding in the car.

Charlie still needs someone to take him outside every couple of hours and stay out there with him to praise him for a good potty.  He will not truly “get it” until he is about a year old.  Charlie sleeps through the night in a crate in the master bedroom with his surrogate mom, never alone.  He is crate trained, but already begging to sleep in the big bed under the covers with his person.  He loves to be held and cuddled.  He gives amazing kisses. . . . ahhhhh, puppy-breath.  Heavenly.


Name: Penny  3360
Age: 2 years
Color: Red 
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini - 12 lbs.

Penny is an owner-turn-in.  She was originally purchased from a pet store as a baby puppy.  In the two years she was with her owners, she was always afraid of the man of the house.  We don’t know if he was very big and had a deep voice or what caused Penny to be resistant to his advances, but after two years, they family decided that Penny was not going to bond or cease being intimidated by him, so they asked us to find her another home.  We agreed wholeheartedly.

Penny is very social with the other dogs in her foster home as well as her foster mom.  She does not seem to have any issues with her foster dad, but he is very dachshund-savvy, and most dogs like him instantly.  Penny would be okay as a single little princess, but only if her people didn’t work long hours.  She’s crate trained, house trained, and she doesn’t have any naughty habits.  She was a bit of a picky-eater the first few days in rescue, but has had a good appetite since then. 

Although she likes sleeping in her dog bed and she goes into her crate without protest, she would really prefer to sleep in the big bed with her person. She is safe with gentle children over 10 years old, especially little girls, but we don’t know how she feels about cats.

Penny walks well on a leash and enjoys car rides, especially if she gets to go the park or the beach.

Name:  Ronnie  2976
Age:  11 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Mini – 10 lbs.

Ronnie came into rescue a little over a year ago in Northern California.  He was adopted by a young woman who recently moved to Southern California, and found herself financially unable to continue to have a dog.  We gladly took Ronnie back into rescue to find another loving home

Ronnie moved into his new foster home and adjusted beautifully.  He really likes the other dachshunds.  He is a good eater (always appreciated by foster moms), and takes himself outside to do his business without fail.  Ronnie currently sleeps in the big bed with his people, but is willing to settle for a cushy dog bed and warm fleece blanket in the master bedroom.

Ronnie is an absolute love.  If you have a soft spot in your heart for the senior dachshunds, you will fall helplessly in love with Ronnie.  All he wants is a quiet home, a soft blanket, and the unconditional love of someone who will cherish him (and rub his belly) for the rest of his life.  Ronnie is in very good health and he gives every indication he has quite a few years left. 
Ronnie would not mind sharing a home with another dachshund, female is preferred.  He would also be okay as an “only dog” if his people were not away for long hours every day.  Ronnie is fine with visiting grandchildren over 5 years old.  His foster home has some cats and he has shown no interest in cats.  He would prefer to live with someone who is home most of the time.  He loves going for walks and is a good passenger in the car too.


Name: Lina  3268
Age: 7 years
Color: Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Mini – 11 lbs.

We don’t know why Lina ended up in a Los Angeles animal shelter, but we were bombarded with requests from people who begged us to rescue this sweet little Chiweenie girl.  Lina is a perfect little lady and why her people never reclaimed her at the shelter is beyond us.  We suspect her family moved left her behind to fend for herself.  We were delighted to rescue her, especially since one of the interested people offered to be her foster home.

Lina was shy when she first arrived at her new foster home.  Their resident dog was warm and friendly to her, and she started to relax.  She will take a few days to adjust to any new home and a new routine.  She is learning to trust people again.  She is starting to be very loveable and affectionate.  She loves to give kisses.  Check out this little video of sweet Lina.

Lina is crate trained, reliably house trained, and knows how to use a dog door.  She has been through a lot, and despite everything, she is a loving little girl.  She is not a barker, enjoys rolling in the grass, sunning herself, and napping in that patch of sun on the living room carpet.

Lina would be a great dog for a family with older children or for recent retirees who want the consummate “lap dog”.  Lina enjoys going for walks about the neighborhood and making new friends along the way.  We don’t know if she likes cats, but judging by her temperament, we’d say she could learn to get along with them very easily.


Name: Tuscany  3100
Age: 10 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Chubby Tweenie – 14 lbs. 

Name: Tazo  3099
Age: 4 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Chubby Tweenie–20 lbs. 

Tuscany and Tazo’s owner is heartbroken to have to give them up.  She works full-time, is going to school and lives in a condo.  Tuscany and Tazo are unhappy being left for long periods so they have started barking when they are left.  The condo association gave her an ultimatum, either the dogs go or she goes.

If you are a fan of the larger dachshund, Tazo is as handsome as they come. Our Central CA rep met him on two occasions and both times he was very friendly and outgoing with her.  Tazo is cautious with men.  He can be easily won over with treats and soft spoken words.  You just have to be patient and give him the time and space he needs to come around.  His former owner was a single woman and he was not exposed to men very often.  He likes women a lot.  His foster mom reports that he was such a good boy in the waiting room at the vet office recently.  There were lots of other dogs and people, and he was a perfect gentleman.

Tazo loves going for walks although he pulls a bit on the leash.  He would benefit from a weight control program and daily walks.  

Isn’t Tuscany a cute little girl?  Tuscany is very sweet, but she is a bit more reserved when meeting new people.  She hangs back and just lets Tazo get all the attention. Our representative has seen her on 3 occasions and each time she has greeted her very nicely.  Tuscany is good on a leash and she also enjoys going on walks.  Tuscany was also very well behaved in the crowded waiting room at the vet office.

Tuscany and Tazo have both been around visiting older children and were fine.  They have been in their home together for a few years and if possible we would like to keep them together.  Tazo looks to Tuscany as if she were his mother.  They sleep curled up together, and she washes his face and ears periodically.  He just lays there and lets her.  They are healthy, microchipped, and fully vaccinated.  We had Tuscany’s teeth cleaned recently and an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time.


Name: Gingerbread  3312
Age:  4 years
Color:  Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Micro Mini – 7.4 lbs

Gingerbread was an owner-surrender.  She was supposed to be a purebred dachshund, but one look and we knew she was most likely a chiweenie.  Meanwhile, her owner had been breeding her and selling her puppies as purebred doxies (another reason not to buy puppies from backyard breeders, what you are promised is not always what you get). 
Ginger has been a delight from the moment she arrived.  She is very friendly and loves a good lap.  When her people are home, she wants to be with them.  Gingerbread arrived in rescue a stranger to walks and outings, but we believe she would love these added to her life on a regular basis.

Ginger gets along with the other dogs.  She is the only one that Rocko, a deaf and partially blind double dapple, will play with.  They run up and down the hall and have little wrestling matches.

Ginger’s coloring is super cute.  She also has one eye rimmed on the outer edge with blue.  Her looks plus her petite size attract her lots of attention.


Name:  Micho  3325
Age:  6 months
Color:  Red Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini – 10 lbs.

Name:  Dacho  3327
Age:  6 months
Color:  Chocolate Piebald
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini – 9 lbs.


These three delightful puppies were rescued from a backyard breeder who was having trouble selling them in the small town they lived.  We happily agreed to take them into rescue and see that they not only got homes but also medical care.  We are also putting some much needed weight on them as they came in very skinny.  

These puppies are all very friendly and sweet with people.   Micho (Milk CHOcolate) is the most clingy and will need a home that does not baby him but helps him become a brave big boy.  Broco (BROwn COw) loves to play with other dogs.  If you have a dog that really wants a playmate to romp with or you want a dog you can take to a dog park, he’s your guy.  Dacho (DArk CHOcolate) is the smallest and the shyest and will need a home that commits to her socialization.  


Name:  Daisy  3266
Ages: 9 years
D.O.B.:  4/15/2005
Color: Red Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 9 lbs.

Daisy was rescued from the Santa Barbara shelter seven months after her family left her there.  Shelter personnel could not tell us why she and another doxie were turned in, but they liked them so much, they kept shuffling them around so they would not be put on the list for euthanasia.  Thanks to another rescue group, SCDR was able to get Daisy and another doxie out of the shelter and into foster care.

Daisy is very loving and devoted to her people.  She has an “alpha” personality, and is being very bossy to her fellow foster dogs  For this reason, we feel Daisy will be happiest in a home where she is the only dog and can be the center of someone’s universe.  Retirees or folks who work from home would be best suited for a little girl like Daisy.  At first glance she appears to be a young dachshund, but the give-away is that up close you can see the beginnings of gray on her muzzle.  She definitely doesn’t act her age.

Daisy enjoys going for walks and riding in the car.  She gets very excited when she sees her leash come out.  She loves playing with stuffed toys, especially anything that squeaks or makes a noise.  She is very petite, so any children in the home must be over 8 years old and very gentle.  We don’t know how she is with cats, but we prefer to place her in a home without cats or other small furry creatures.


Name:  Rocko  3348
Age:  5.5 years
D.O.B.:  12/16/2008
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered 
Size:  Standard – 21 lbs.

Rocko had the most wonderful home for the past five and a half years.  But families change.  A baby joined the family a year and a half ago, and up until recently, the baby was fine with Rocko.  Unfortunately, the toddler is no longer nice to Rocko.  No one has been nipped, but the growling and showing of teeth has increased along with the child’s aggression toward Rocko.  Hitting the dog with his toys, as well as grabbing and hurting him have increased in the past few weeks.  With a second baby on the way, the family felt it best for all involved to give Rocko an opportunity to have a less stressful, and toddler-free home. 

Isn’t Rocko super cute? Check out those super short legs and chubby feet.  His pictures don’t do him justice.  He actually has very little gray now, since he has been in foster care.  He has those big brown “Cleopatra” eyes.  (Dark eyeliner around the eyes.)  His ears are long and luxurious.  Rocko is house trained, crate trained, good on a leash and loves long walks.  He is very good in the car, and wants to ride shotgun in someone’s lap so he can see out the window.  


Name: Pepper  3221
Age: 10 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Mini – 11.5 lbs.

Pepper came to us from New York City.  Her owner landed her dream job, and was able to buy her own loft/condo instead of renting an apartment with roommates.  But there was a catch.  She was gone 12-16 hours a day, and her little doxie girl, Pepper, found herself alone most of the time.  It was not fair to Pepper at all.  So, Pepper was flown out to Southern California to live with “grandma and grandpa”.  They tried.  They really tried, but their resident cat would have nothing to do with Pepper, and he stayed hidden in the bedroom 24/7 making everyone unhappy.  After a few weeks of trying to get the cat to come out and at least meet Pepper, they realized it just was not going to happen.  So, they contacted SCDR and we agreed to take Pepper into rescue.  We could not resist her charming little face.

Pepper’s legs are just slightly taller than the average dachshund and the best part about that is that she would be fine in a home with stairs.  We are not sure what other breed is in her genetic make-up, but it ensures there would be little chance of trauma to her back going up and down stairs.  She loves to sleep in the big bed, and cuddle in her person’s lap at every opportunity.  She is a very cuddly girl.  Don’t let Pepper’s age fool you.  She is as active as a dog half her age and is very healthy.  Lots of good years left in her for sure.

Pepper is sweet, and not at all shy when meeting new people.  In fact she likes to be “front and center” when visitors come to call.  Her leash skills are well developed and she loves putting on her vest to go walking or for a ride in the car.  She is a fast learner and training is no problem for her.  She is house trained and uses the doggie door, or piddle pads if access to outside is denied.  She would like a home with a dog door and access to a secure yard so she can continue her good potty habits.

Pepper is a good candidate for apartment or condo living if her people are not gone for long hours.  She’s a people dog and does not require a canine companion.  She is friendly with other dogs, and she previously lived with a dog-savvy cat.  If your cat has never lived with a dog, Pepper would not be a good choice.  Cats need to be comfortable with a dog in the house for it to work.

Name: Gia 3070
Age:  10 years
Color:  Black & Tan
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Spayed/Female
Size:  Tweenie – 16 lbs.

Gia came onto rescue in October 2013 at 9 years old, because her owner, at 94 years, fell and broke her hip, leaving no one to care for her.  When a kindly gentleman was approached in a parking lot by two other elderly ladies who had Gia with them, they said they had to “get rid of her” by the days end or she would go to a shelter.  He gladly took the little scared Gia home with him and contacted SCDR, and of course we were touched by his kindness and Gias’ sweet little face.

Gia was adopted in November 2013 by another senior lady (84 yrs), and 8 months later, she also fell and broke her hip, and can no longer care for herself or poor Gia.  So now Gia is back with our rescue looking for yet another loving home.

Gia is so easy going, quiet, gentle and loving.  She will sit quietly in a corner of the kitchen, watching and observing the activities in her foster home.  She will sneak under your chair or outside to enjoy the sun’s rays.  We suspect that Gia did not have much fun as a puppy, or young adult as she does not play with any toys, or chase a ball.  Time and a loving family may change all of that.

Gia really gets excited when she sees her leash, and she enjoys a fast-paced walk.  She also enjoys a car ride.  She loves to cuddle with you, and is not shy about giving tiny little butterfly kisses.  She does not pester you to pick her up, but if you do, and sit on the couch together, she will not leave until you put her down again.  

She is slightly overweight, and we are working to slim her down a bit.  Gia is not a picky eater, nor does she gulp her food down.  Gia would make a great companion as an “only dog”, but we believe she would also do well with a fellow doxie as a companion.  She is not jealous, just sweet.


Name:  Fred  3349
Age: 5 years
D.O.B.:  5/10/2009
 Color: Clear Red
Coat: Longhair
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Fred is an aristocrat, and as regal and handsome as a longhaired dachshund can be – like an Irish setter with short legs – and as sweet as honey.  Fred’s elderly owner passed away last year, leaving him in the care of her 88 year old boyfriend.  Unfortunately, though he tried to keep Fred, he suffered a stroke leaving him incapacitated and angry (maybe Alzheimer’s?).  His condition caused him to abuse Fred and even injuring him by kicking and hitting him.  The family removed Fred from his care and contacted SCDR to take Fred into our rescue program.  We could not get him out of that home fast enough.

Despite everything, Fred is one fabulous dog.  He is crate trained, 100% house trained, dog-door savvy, and highly intelligent.  He prefers to do his business on his twice daily walks, using the back yard for sunning himself and exploring.  He is super sweet and loves everyone. He has a million gentle kisses for your face and can't wait to give them to you!  He is safe with children over 8 years old, and can be an “only dog” if his people don’t work long hours away from home.  He enjoys human company.  He is not overly fond of cats, and will chase if they run. 

Fred is a huge cuddler!  Snuggly and sweet on the sofa and must sleep right next to you in the big bed all night kind of guy.  He has many fine attributes including rolling over on his back for belly-rubs readily, being a good eater (always appreciated by foster moms), greets strangers nicely, including very young children, does not bark very much, but when he does, it’s a very loud, protective bark reserved for folks who ring the doorbell.  (A potential burglar will think he’s a 100 pound Rottweiler barking.)  He quiets on command.  He loves going for long walks and rides nicely in the passenger seat of the car.  Fred is very well socialized and is a welcome guest in his multi-dog foster home.


Name: Anna  3351
Ages: 12 years
Color: Red
Coat: Longhair
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 12 lbs.

Name:  Lucy  3252
Ages: 4 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size: Mini - 12 lbs.


Anna and Lucy are mother and daughter.  They lost their home when their owner passed away recently from cancer.  They have been boarded at the vet for weeks.  No one in the family is home enough to give them proper care, so SCDR agreed to help find them a new home.

Anna and Lucy are very loving and affectionate with each other.  They get along very well with their fellow foster dogs.  We feel they will do best in a home without the chaos of children coming and going.  They need a quieter home environment.  Empty-nesters would be ideal for these adorable girls. 

They need a home all on one level, as Lucy did have successful back surgery in the past, and should not be allowed to go up and down stairs.  This is preventive maintenance.  With proper care, she will remain healthy and active for many more years.

They enjoy going for walks and riding in the car.  They get very excited when they see their leashes come out.  Their vaccinations are up-to-date, they are healthy, and we made sure both of them are microchipped.  Their previous owner took excellent care of them and made sure they had annual dental cleanings.

Anna and Lucy are house trained and crate trained.  They sleep in their crate together at night, but would much prefer to sleep in a large dog bed in the master bedroom.  Due to their previously owner’s illness, they spent a lot of time at the vet being kenneled, and need a home where this won’t happen so often.

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