Happy Tails

Our recent alumni dogs that found their forever homes!

If you just adopted from us and have photos with you and your happy tail- please send to us at dachshundrelief@gmail.com and we'll post your story!!


Name: Peaches  3256
Age: 11 months
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 11-12 lbs.

Peaches is one of those unfortunate puppies that was adopted, because the young man who got her wanted a dog, but soon discovered he really didn’t have time for her with working, going to school, and dating.  He moved out of his parent’s home and left Peaches behind, but they already had a dog and didn’t want two.  So here she is in rescue, waiting for a home with someone who will love her and have time for her.

Peaches is a dachshund mix (you noticed she’s rather tall), probably part min-pin.  Her demeanor is sweet and very affectionate.  Her favorite spot is lying next to her person with her head on their legs while they watch television together. She loves going for walks and rides nicely in the car.

Like most dachshunds, Peaches loves lap-time and gives sweet little kisses.  She gets along great with other small dogs.  She currently resides with a Chihuahua.   She is safe with children over 5 years old.  However, we don’t know how she feels about cats. 

Peaches loves to cuddle and snuggle under the blankets in the big bed, or in her little dog bed.  She is reliably house trained, and goes to the door when she needs to go out (her foster home does not have a dog door).  She goes into her crate with no complaints.  She would love a home with another playful dog her size to pal around with.  Homes with stairs inside or outside would be OK, as Peaches is taller than the average dachshund.  Do you live in an upstairs apartment, work from home or part-time, recently retired? Then Peaches is the perfect dog for you.  Technically, she’s still a puppy and needs more attention than an older dog.


Name: Scotty  3138
Age:  2 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered 
Size:  Mini – 12 lbs.

On August 22, 2013, SCDR received an urgent message from the Rescue Liaison at the Long Beach Shelter that a very young red dachshund was scheduled for euthanasia the next day, and she desperately needed a rescue to save his life.  A quick call to our wonderful volunteer, Aaron Valdez, and he and his daughter, Scarlett, detoured from their plans to go get the little red doxie.  Scarlett named him Scotty.  After spending his first week out of the shelter at the vet getting over Kennel Cough, Scotty joined the other doxies in his foster home.  He proved to be extremely social and friendly to everyone, young and old. 

Isn’t Scotty super cute? Look at those short legs and his big brown “Cleopatra” eyes.  (Dark eyeliner around the eyes.)  His ears are set incorrectly (probably poor breeding), but it gives him a darling inquisitive look that fits his personality to a T.  Scotty is good on a leash and loves long walks.  He is very good in the car, and wants to ride shotgun in someone’s lap so he can see out the window.    

Scotty loves playing with any other small dog that is willing.  He is as sweet as they come.  He is a very happy dachshund with a funny personality. The ideal family for Scotty would have children over 7 years old, live in a private home, and have another small dog for play and companionship.  Scotty is crate trained, house trained, and knows what the dog door is and how to use it.

We have had Scotty neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Scotty is currently sleeping in a crate, but he really would love to sleep in the big bed with his people.  Scotty would be fine in most households, but he failed the cat-test miserably.  No cats for Scotty.  


Name: Princess  3231
Age:  2 years
Color:  Brindle
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Tweenie - 13 lbs.

Our Central CA Rep received a text message and a fuzzy picture from a shelter volunteer in her area saying they had a purebred dachshund in the shelter and asked if we could take her.  It was very hard to tell from the picture if she was a purebred, because it was blurry and did not show her legs.  Our rep sent her volunteers down to the shelter to check it out, and she got a call that said she was a mix.  One of the volunteers who went had regret for leaving her behind and asked if she could go back and get her and offered to foster her.  As you can see, the answer was “Yes”.  

We believe Princess (a.k.a. Peanut) is a Dachshund/Italian Greyhound mix.  Isn’t she a gorgeous little girl?  Princess has longer legs, so a home with stairs is not an issue.  She is as sweet as they come.  She is so friendly to everyone she meets.  She loves to cuddle.  She would like to sleep in the big bed with her people and likes to sleep right next to you.  Princess is also great with other dogs and loves to play with them.  She also loves toys and playing ball.

Princess is good on a leash, and loves to go on walks.  She is also very good in the car.  She has learned the dog door and her foster family has worked on her housetraining, so she is no longer having accidents in the house.  She is highly intelligent and learns quickly.  She is safe with children over 8 years old, but we have not idea about how she feels about cats.  She is part “sight-hound” and cats can be fun to chase.



Name:  Yogi  3075
Age:  6 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Longhair
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Tweenie - 13 lbs.

Name:  Noah  3074
Age:  7 years
Color: Cream Pie Bald
Coat:  Longhair
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Standard – 19 lbs.


Wowie-zowie!    These handsome boys were surrendered to SCDR after the couple had two small children under 3 years old, and could no longer give the boys the time and care they deserved.  With very heavy hearts, they came into rescue.

Noah is a quiet shy boy at first.  It took several days for him to settle in with all the other fosters and to feel confident enough to eat his dinner.  We have learned that Noah is a big huggable bear, who is also a cuddle bug.  He will sit for hours in your lap, just enjoying the attention from you.  He gives you the look of love.

Yogi, what a handsome boy he is, and he has a sweet demeanor to match.  Yogi really enjoys his toys, chasing a ball or playing fetch with you.  He is fascinated with the squirrels wondering how to catch one, but most of all, he loves to be held and cuddled.  He oozes love and affection.

Both boys love being groomed and taken for a walk.  They are very friendly with all dogs and people and children as well.  They recently had an outing with OC Doxie Meet Up Group and they had the best time ever. They played with everyone that attended and were very outgoing.  Foster mom, Dawn, was not on their minds at all, they had a blast meeting everyone.

They both had dentals, all vaccines are current, and they are now ready to join their new home and family.

Name: Ruby 2939
Age: 12 years 
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size:  Mini - 11 lbs.

We rescued Ruby on her last day before she was scheduled to be euthanized at a Los Angeles animal shelter.  She was very happy to jump into our volunteer’s car and “get the heck outta Dodge!”

Ruby was not well-cared for prior to coming into rescue.  She was malnourished, her coat was dull, and if you’ll excuse the expression, she was sick as a dog.  It took months to get her stable and healthy.  Ruby had open wounds on her body, probably from being attacked by another dog in the shelter.  She will carry a scar on her back for the rest of her life, as a reminder of her stay in the shelter.  She looked pitiful.

Now Ruby is really enjoying her new foster home.  The food is good (ask her, she’ll tell you) and she gets to bask in the sun on the patio every day.  She likes to explore the yard too.  But most of all, she wants to be somebody’s special girl again.  Ruby is a cuddler and wants to be in any available lap; loves going for walks, and adores a car ride.

Ruby is crate trained and appears to be house trained as long she is kept on a potty-schedule.  That is, she is taken for walks or outside to the yard for potty purposes several times a day.  She knows the dog door, she just thinks its use is optional.  Ruby sleeps in a crate at night, sometimes alone, sometimes with another foster dog.  But truthfully, Ruby really wants to sleep in the big bed with her foster mom.  It’s just that the bed is so high, that if she fell off or, God forbid, jumped down, she could get seriously hurt.  So she is making due with a crate in the master bedroom with some very comfy blankets and a fleece mattress.

We don’t know if she is safe around cats, but as she is older and slower, she should not pose much of a hazard to dog-savvy cats.  She would be an ideal companion for a retired couple who just want a sweet doxie to love and spoil.  Families with children over 10 years old would be fine for her too. 


Name: Morgan  3191
Age: 2 years 
DOB: 10-15-2011
Color:   Red Dapple
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered
Size:  Small Tweenie - 13.5 lbs.

Morgan was purchased as a puppy by a young woman living with her parents.  She soon moved out of the house leaving Morgan behind.  The young woman’s mother was gone 12 hours a day, due to work and a long commute.  She knew this was no life for a dog as sweet as Morgan, so she contacted rescue.

When Morgan stepped out of the car we were smitten.  He is an “old school” dachshund.  There is nothing dainty or delicate about this boy.  We thought we had seen big paws before, but this guy has scoops on the end of his legs.  Not only does he have wide paws, he has a wide chest and wide ears.  He’s so short and knobby that he is the only normal weight dog we know that waddles.  He is just delicious.

Morgan was a little unsure about the other dogs, but now he really enjoys playing.  He likes to tap dance when he plays so when we hear click, click, click on the floor, we know Morgan is part of the wrestling crew.

Morgan is very people friendly.  He is eager to sit in any available lap.  Morgan wants a home where he is not alone for such long periods.  Now that he has discovered that other dogs can be fun, he would enjoy having a canine sibling.  Because Morgan is so super short, he needs a home with no stairs.  Respectful children would be fine with Morgan.  (We even think he might be workable with cats.)  Morgan does not really enjoy being outside.  He really wants to spend almost all his time in the house. 


Name:  Peter  2956
Age:  2 years 
Color:  Red 
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Male/Neutered
Size:  Mini - 12 lbs.

Peter (was Hunter) came into rescue a year ago and was immediately adopted.  Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out the way we expected.  The family had two younger children, and over time, Peter showed a stronger and stronger dislike of all small people.  His family realized that Peter really wanted a home with just adults, and no children period, so he came back into rescue.

As you can see, Peter is a very cute dachshund with an absolutely adorable face.     Peter gets along well with other dachshunds of both genders. He is always playing and wrestling with one of his foster siblings.  Peter also is extremely affectionate with his people.

Peter is not a beginner’s dachshund.  If you treat him in a way that makes him think he is in charge, he makes very bad decisions, as he is not suited for the role of “alpha dog”.  When placed in the leader position, he will do things like not let anyone get near his people.  He first tried this guarding behavior in his foster home after an afternoon of cuddling in the big bed.  It quickly got him booted back to “gen-pop” (the dachshund area).  Peter now works to earn his privileges.  For example, when he acted up with visitors, he was ordered back to his area and didn’t get to interact with them.  He quickly learned to greet visitors nicely, although we are still working on his crying and carrying on when he does not get to say hello.

Peter is so sweet and acts like such a baby, it is very hard to not baby him.  However, for Peter to be comfortable, he needs to know he is not the one in charge so that he can relax and enjoy the non-leader role that he prefers.  Peter’s new owner needs to give Peter rules and make him work for the good things in life.  Peter’s new home also needs to know that he is actually a very submissive dog and will occasionally submissive-pee when picked up quickly.

In the right home, Peter is going to be a terrific little boy.  Peter would love a canine playmate as he very much enjoys doggie wrestling.  A confident, alpha female would be ideal.  We do not know if he is safe with cats, probably not.


Name: Bella Luna  3251
Age: 11 months
Color: Black with Red Highlights
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Standard – 20 lbs.

Bella Luna (Beautiful Moon) is a wonderful girl and very much loved, but her owner has to move back home to her mother and there can only be one dog at her apartment and her mom already has a dog.  So she cannot take Bella with her.  It is breaking her heart to have to find Bella a new home.

Bella is a doxie mix.  She is the same size as a standard dachshund, just slightly taller.  She is loving and gentle, playful and sweet.  She is 100% reliably house trained.  She loves going for long walks and riding in the car.  Bella likes cuddle and to sleep in the big bed with her person, and can be found napping there as well.  Her foster mom says, “She’s a beautiful and amazing dog.”  She deserves the best home possible.

Having Bella is like having a down-sized Lab, and perfect for condo living.  Bella would like a home with a back yard and another dachshund for company if possible.  Folks who work from home or who can take their dog to work would be perfect for her as well.  Bella would love to be with older children, no babies or toddlers.  We do not know if she is cat-safe.  Do you have a home with stairs?  No problem for Bella.  She is a bit taller than the average dachshund, and stairs are not an issue for her.


Name:  Kitty McGee  3114
Age: 10 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini - 10.5 lbs

Kitty was a stray at the overcrowded Merced shelter.  We were pulling another dog from there and we saw how pathetic her shelter picture was, we felt compelled to add her to the transport. (We are a sucker for seniors.)

When Kitty arrived, you could read what a hard life this little doxie mix had had just by looking at her.  She had a really rough coat, her teeth were a mess, and she clearly had had litter after litter after litter. (And she was in heat again when she arrived!)  The good news is that her tough life hadn’t broken Kitty’s spirit.  She was friendly from the get go and interested in everything and everyone.

In foster care, she has been the dream dog.  She rarely barks.  She puts herself to bed at night.  She loves people.  She gets along with all the other dogs.  And not only does she get along with the other dogs, she is the one dog that all the scared newcomers and young dogs gravitate towards.  She may “snark” at the newbees to leave her alone, but they still always want to be in her crate with her.  Somehow they all know what a great heart she has.

Kitty would love to be a lap dog.  She would also enjoy short walks, but she won’t object if you miss a day or two.  She sleeps happily in her crate as long as she has a sleeping bag bed (or a pillow with a pillowcase will do.  She just wants something she can get inside of).


Name: Lola  3092
Age:  5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed 
Size:  Mini - 10lbs

Name:  Teenie  3091
Age:  2.5 years
Color:  Red
Coat:  Smooth
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Size:  Mini - 10lbs

Name: Buster  3090
Age:  5 years
Color: Red 
Coat: Smooth
Sex:  Male-Neutered
Size:  Mini - 11lbs


The Three Bears, Three Stooges, Three Amigos, Three Musketeers, Three Dog Night, three’s a crowd, three’s company, whichever one you like best, this is the “Three Dach Family”.

Papa Dach - Buster, Mama Dach - Lola, Baby Dach - Teenie. . . . and like the Three Bears, this family is a complete set ready to take on a new forever home.  The family was turned over to SCDR when they were no longer wanted by their owner in Central California.  (It is possible that they were backyard breeders, but we do not know for sure.)  What we do know, is this little happy little trio will bring countless hours of joy, happiness and laughter to their new home.

The three run shoulder to shoulder, bumping into each other, and passing on little kisses and tail wagging. When our wonderful volunteer Janice Adams drove them down to us on September 29th, they were nervous and confused, and oh so wary of their foster home, but they had each other.

Within the first 24 hours, Buster and Teenie were sitting on laps and the couch, freely giving their love to us. Lola the mama, was still very cautious and would not allow us to pick her up or touch her.  Could she be in pain or hurt somehow?  No, it was just her defense mechanism kicking in.  Whenever one of us reached for her, she sounded like a smoke alarm going off and we had to stifle our laughter at the noise.

A few days passed, Lola continued to watch intently every interaction that Buster and Teenie had with the humans, ever ready to protect them if needed.  At our recent Hallowiener event, Lola had to stay home as we were afraid she would scare off any potential adopter with her shrieking.  Buster and Teenie were outgoing, happy and very friendly to all the volunteers and potential adopters during the event.

Slowly, Lola has warmed up to us in her foster home, she now allows us to pick her up without the shrieking, and we can kiss her and stroke her head, neck, face, chest without fuss or hesitation on her part. We do know her new family or parent will have some work to do at the start, but she will reward them ten times over with her devotion.

The Dach family love going on walks, riding in the car and of course the endless hours of backyard sun bathing and hunting.  Yes, they are hunters and have reduced the bug population by a few.  They are NOT barkers, they have zero bad habits, eat well, are crate trained, dog door savvy, and are really just about perfect.

They really would be happiest if they are placed together, we realize that adopting three at one time is difficult for most looking to adopt, so we will consider placing two of them together, and/or separately if there is another doxie in the home for companionship, but their little hearts may be broken if that does come to be, as they are a very bonded little family.

Buster is quiet, gentle, affectionate yet outgoing and playful.  Lola is timid, shy, playful and sweet.  Teenie is personable, happy, funny and very outgoing.



Name: Brenda  3039
Age: 2 years
Color: Red Brindle
Coat:  Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Tweenie – 13 lbs.

We don’t know why Brenda ended up abandoned in a gated-community apartment complex, but the people who found the frightened and hungry “chiweenie” put up signs and advertised on the internet trying to find her people.  We suspect her family moved out and left her behind to fend for herself.  After a while, the people who found her realized no one was going to claim her, and they contacted SCDR for help finding Brenda a permanent home.  They were unable to keep her themselves as their resident dog was very clearly against having another female dog in the house.

Brenda was very shy when she first arrived at her new foster home.  The other doxies were warm and friendly to her, and she started to relax.  She will take a few days to adjust to any new home and a new routine.  She is just starting to learn to trust people again.  We can tell she has not had an easy time of it, other than being very well fed by her former family.

Brenda is crate trained, reliably house trained, and knows how to use a dog door.  She has been through a lot, and despite everything, she is a loving little girl.  She is cautious around new people, but does not react in a negative way (no biting or growling).  She is not a barker, but she does need a very secure yard.  She can jump a 3 foot high baby-gate like Superman leaps tall buildings.

Brenda would be a great dog for a family with older children or for recent retirees who want the consummate “lap dog”.  Brenda needs some leash training and confidence building.  We don’t know if she likes cats, but judging by her temperament, we’d say she could learn to get along with them very easily.

Do you live in a two-story home?  Brenda would be perfect for your family.  Her legs are slightly taller than the average dachshund’s making going up and down stairs a non-issue.  She has the best parts of the dachshund – the long body and floppy ears – combined with the slightly taller legs of the chihuahua.  Her coat is thick and her tail is lush.  We love holding and petting her.


 Name: Guinness  3224
Age: 9 years 
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Male/Neutered 
Size: Tweenie – 15 lbs.

Name: Lucy-Belle  3225
Age: 9 years 
Color: Chocolate & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed 
Size: Tweenie - 13 lbs.

Guinness and Lucy-Bell have had it very rough.  They have had to adjust to a new home four times that we know of during their lives together.  Their first owner left them with friends who left them outside 24/7 and neglected them.  When they arrived in rescue in 2010, they were in poor health and obese.  We got them healthy and slimmed down, and they were adopted in 2011.  But now this family suffered a big set-back, and Guinness and Lucy-Belle are here with SCDR again waiting to find another forever home.

Guinness and Lucy-Belle are very low-maintenance dogs.  Mellow and sweet, these two doxies are a retired person’s dream.  They demand little more than a healthy diet and a nice walk about the neighborhood every day.  They like to explore the yard and bask in the sun.  But most of all, they want to be with someone to love and pet them.  Guinness is a cuddler; Lucy-Belle wants belly-rubs.  They are delightful.
Guinness and Lucy-Belle are reliably house trained, crate trained, and dog-door savvy.  They have not had any accidents indoors at their foster home.  They get along great with other dogs and are not big barkers.  We don’t know if they are safe around cats.  Families with children over 8 years old would be fine for them.  They have had all their vaccines brought up-to-date and have had their teeth cleaned and polished.  They give sweet kisses.  Despite all that they have endured, they are trusting and everyone’s dream doxie.


Name:  Davey  3228
Age:  8 weeks 
Color: Cream
Coat: Longhair
Sex: Male 
Size:  Possible Mini.

Davey was born around December 18, 2013.  He was found wandering in traffic on a very busy street.  The Good Samaritan who rescued him tried to find his family, but was unsuccessful.  Then she contacted SCDR and asked us to find him a forever home.

Davey has received first shots and now has a microchip.  He cannot be neutered for several more weeks, as our vet feels he should be a little older and have most of his shots done before undergoing anesthesia.  He is very well socialized, crate trained, doing fabulous on his house training too.  He is too young for leash training, but he is very smart.  He is a mixed-breed puppy, probably a “Chiweenie”.  He thinks he’s a dachshund.  His favorite activity is washing your face.  And the smell of his sweet puppy-breath is heavenly.

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